How To Get A Promotion Or Pay Raise

How To Get A Promotion Or Pay Raise

How To Get A Promotion Or Pay Raise

Discover how to attract greater responsibility, recognition and reward

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How To Get A Promotion Or Pay Raise will show you how you can become a more valuable, influential and in demand employee. By becoming bigger than your current position, you will naturally attract new opportunities, whether this is in your current employment or a new organisation. The strategies do not rely on working longer hours, or working overtime, but rather by increasing your value and working on higher level activities so that you can increase your income and build your ideal lifestyle. This Success Advantage course is laser focused and designed to provide actionable strategies that anyone can use to become a more valuable employee, creating new opportunities and attracting greater responsibility, recognition and reward. Students will see how they can achieve their goals, along with greater work and career satisfaction, all without working longer hours. There are many additional benefits to becoming a more valuable employee, including greater confidence, security and peace of mind, to more time off.

Anyone can be more, do more and have more, simply thinking in a different way and taking the right actions in the right way.

This course is led by Mara at Success Advantage, Mara is a business and marketing expert specialising in strategy, processes and planning. Mara provides laser focused success training based on decades of business experience.