How to launch a startup

How to launch a startup

How to launch a startup

A step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs to launch their business idea

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn startup basics
  • Learn key technics, approaches and tips to launch a small business
  • Understand online business challenges and constraints
  • Learn about marketing and advertising your start up



  • No prior business training and experience needed



Launching a business is always exciting and draws energy, motivation, and enthusiasm from people. Looking at successful businesses and their potential to grow and make big profits is appealing and motivating. However, setting up a profitable business comes with many hurdles, and success is not always granted. People should know what it takes to start a company.

Startups are companies in the early stages of operations; they are products or services related founded by one or more entrepreneurs. Startups usually begin with limited revenue and look for capital from various sources, including family, friends, loans, and venture capitalists. The course takes the learner through the critical steps and essentials for successfully establishing a small business. The learner will understand the various components of a small business, starting with the business idea, vision, goals, market research to help determine the demand for a product or service, partnership building, choosing the legal entity, developing management, and standard administrative procedures. In addition, the course guides basic needs for human resources and logistics, marketing strategies, and processes. The course is also about guidance to avoid pitfalls and insists on the qualities young entrepreneurs should develop to launch, grow, and sustain a successful small business. The course includes videos for course overview and summary and practical examples to illustrate further and provides context and perspectives about establishing a startup.


Who this course is for

  • This course is for young people who want to be entrepreneurs, students, people interested in starting small businesses
  • This course is designed for people who are business enthusiasts, willing to take a business idea to the next step. The course targets students, young professionals, and people who are passionate about building partnership to start a small company. Innovation and passion are critical for startup enthusiasts and to-be entrepreneurs. The course will help the learner to build capacity, explore opportunities, understand, and prepare for challenges and determine the right path to success. The learner should be someone who wants to learn more about the establishing a small business and who is prepared to take risks.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Course overview
    • Overview _ Key steps
  • Getting Your Startup Idea Right
    • Startup Idea
  • Problems faced by most startup
    • Startup issues
  • Conducting Market Research
    • How to conduct a market research
  • How To Launch Your Business
    • Launching your business
  • Create a business plan
    • Business plan creation
  • Selecting a structure
    • How to select a structure to launch a startup
  • Choosing a location for your company
    • How to choose a location
  • Taking care of taxes
    • Obtaining tax documents
  • Business credit
    • Establishing credit
  • Setting up an online business
    • Online business
  • The Ideal Entrepreneur
    • Entrepreneurship


How to launch a startupHow to launch a startup

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