How to lose weight – focused on long term success

How to lose weight -  focused  on long term success

How to lose weight – focused on long term success

This course is a result of more than 1600 one-to-one coaching-sessions. Weight loss is more than eating or exercising.

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Instructor(s): Daniel Weber


This course is for people, who…

– …want to benefit from the experience of more than 1600 1:1 coaching-sessions with people, who had problems to lose weight or to maintain it afterwards.

– …who are fed up with the cycle of weight loss and weight gain.

-…want to use science-based tools

This course is not for people, who…

-...want to achieve their goal as fast as possible. No matter what it takes.

-.. are interessted in taking a magic pill against overweight, instead of changing a part of their lives.

-…think I will give a diet or exercise plan.

If you want to lose weight, to feel better, to look better and to live a healthier life. You are very welcome to this course. This course is experienced- and scientific based. More over 1600 coachings with people who had problems either to lose weight or to maintain their weight a fundamental part of this course. But not only that. Scientific based tools will give you more options to lose weight or to maintain weight after weight loss. You will learn how to set a goal, how to stay motivated and how to build good habits and to deal with obstacles. You also might change perspective in terms of why we do, what we do. Even, if it´s seems unneccesary and not helpful. I invite you to learn something new about many aspects of weight loss. I am hopeful, that this course will give you everything you need in the long run.

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