How to Overcome Stress: Learn 20 Super Strategies

How to Overcome Stress: Learn 20 Super Strategies

How to Overcome Stress: Learn 20 Super Strategies

Box out stress from your life to have better relationships, career and more inner peace!!

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Instructor(s): Nitesh Gurnani


In this class, you’re going to learn SFL super strategies to overcome your stress which will help you live a happier life, which has advantages to better your relationships, career and inner peace within.

You’re going to learn Short Term Strategies which are readily implementable within a week, fast-acting strategies for instant relief to stress, and Long term strategies to cure your stress for a lifetime. Stress is an ongoing phenomenon, but having effective stress management techniques goes long way as a solution to better manage your mind and soul.

With this class, you’re going to learn 20 Super Strategies in total to counter your stress. Not only will you learn the super strategies to counter stress, but you’ll also get to learn causes, effects, signs and about the lifestyles which contribute to stress in daily life. You’ll also learn to break down your stress into 3 categories, which is super important for finding peace with the present, which ultimately is responsible for success in life.

Here’s What You’ll get to learn Inside the class?

  • Why tackling stress is super important for success, peace and balance in life?

  • Causes, Effects and Signs of Stress

  • A lifestyle that contributes to stress

  • Classifying Reasons into 3 Categories

  • 5 Short Term Strategies to Counter Stress

  • 6 Fast Acting Strategies to relieve stress, almost instantly

  • 9 Long Term Strategies to overcome stress for a lifetime

This class is for anyone, who wants to learn techniques to overcome stress, anxiety and depression!!


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