How To Play Ace-King!

How To Play Ace-King!

How To Play Ace-King!

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What you’ll learn

  • Quizzes from $33-$200 online tournaments
  • How to play AK heads-up and in multiway pots
  • How to play AK when facing a raise
  • Raising almost always beats a call



  • Basic knowledge of online tournament poker



How To Play Ace-King! Check this Free Master Class.

Some people consider AK as a drawing hand and some think it’s a premium hand. Some people say that 88 is ahead of AK because it has roughly 55% chances of winning. This is true however we should always take into account nuances: in tournaments people often play with big aces like AQ and AJ so against them you are way ahead with your AK so in such a situation it’s much better than 88 therefore the value of AK is considered differently. 

In this free master class you will learn how to effectively play with AK. You will have to answer lots of questions on what to do preflop and postflop when you’re holding AK.

I hope you will find this video-course useful and I hope that after studying this course your game will become much better.

This is a free course and if you like this one please check my other courses. I plan on adding more free training courses because I’m getting a lot massages from those who have purchased my courses saying that they would love to get more free courses.

So, I hope you will enjoy this course and after studying it you will know how to play with AK most of the time.


Who this course is for

  • players improving their game


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • How To Play Ace King Part 1
    • How To Play Ace King Part 2
    • How To Play Ace King Part 3
    • How To Play Ace King Part 4
    • How To Play Ace King Part 5


How To Play Ace-King!How To Play Ace-King!


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