How to VLOG 2023 : Complete Beginners Course +YouTube

How to VLOG 2023 : Complete Beginners Course +YouTube

How to VLOG 2023 : Complete Beginners Course +YouTube

How to film, edit, come up with ideas, branding, get views and earn fast! I did it, see exactly how I did here

Language: english

Note: 4.7/5 (218 notes) 20,617 students

Instructor(s): Dan Britain

Last update: 2022-12-13

What you’ll learn

  • How to Vlog and be a part-time of full time vlogger
  • How to come up with Ideas for Vlogs
  • What to vlog about for maximum growth
  • How to Film Vlogs (with any camera or phone)
  • Structuring a Vlog
  • Editing a Vlog
  • See my analytics from YouTube to see how to grow a vlog fast
  • How to make money with your vlog
  • Branding yourself and vlog



  • No experience necessary, just a phone or camera needed



This course has everything you need to know about vlogging, from a current vlogger! How to film; plan a video, what’s needed in a successful video, come with me filming and editing as well as all the extras of how to create a YouTube channel and your branding.

I have my own channel, i’ve had two actually and I am constantly testing what works and what doesn’t online, trends, video styles, lengths to see which are more successful, which get more views, subscribers and make more money for my channel.

Learn from everything I did and get this hands of course on how to create vlogs and the extras for how to upload and succeed on YouTube or take these learnings for filming, editing, planning and add them to your own site, facebook, instagram or more!

Note: If you have the YouTube Beginner to Pro course by me, the sections in here about how to create a channel are the same. This course is packed with so much for someone looking on how to actually film, edit and plan a vlog, what’s needed; and then the how to actually create a successful YouTube channel is extra on this course. This is a one stop course for all vlogging, theoretical and practical… from someone doing it full-time right now!


Who this course is for

  • Beginner interested in starting a vlog for themselves or a business
  • Anyone who has considered making a vlog but want to understand how to do it, fil, grow fast, edit and make money


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction: Why Me & What You’ll Learn in this Course
    • What is Vlogging Now and Can You Still Do it in 2022?
    • How This Course/Udemy Works
    • How to Know What to Vlog About
    • How to Find What To Vlog About (Trends vs Making Money vs Your Knowledge)
  • Equipment & You
    • Basic is Better, it’s a Vlog not TV, but…
    • Cameras
    • Audio
    • Lighting
    • Editing Overview Software (Free & paid)
    • Presenting and being in front of camera (important and not what you think…)
  • Your Vlog
    • Introduction: Your Vlog… think about this..
    • Branding is Key
    • Packaging Your Vlogs
    • Video Style
    • How to Film a Vlog (overview)
  • Come & Vlog With Me
    • Planning Your Vlog (topic and pre-shoot plan)
    • Come & See Me Vlog & How I Do It LIVE
    • Editing That Vlog & Music (see me edit and what I do)
    • Packaging (Title & Thumbnail – SO Important)
    • See the Final Vlog We Just Made Together
    • Make Your Own Test Vlog
  • YouTube Specifically (& why use it)
    • Why Use YouTube Over Other Sites (& Your Options)
    • How YouTube Works & How It (and You) Make Money
  • Set Up YouTube Successfully Step-by-Step
    • Introduction
    • How to Create a Channel
    • Channel Art
    • Channel Description
    • Channel Layout
    • Channel Trailer
    • Setting Up Monetization (to make money from your videos)
    • YouTube Layout Explained: YouTube Studio
  • Your “Packaging” is EVERYTHING! Uploading for Maximum Success
    • Overview – What are we talking about here?
    • Titles
    • Description
    • Tags
    • Cards
    • Endscreen
    • Thumbnails
    • Other Social Medias (FB and Instagram)
    • Time of Day Release is Important!
    • Uploading a Video step-by-step
    • Using Your Analytics to Grow
  • Making Money
    • Video Views and making money from Ads
    • Affiliate Links
    • Selling Products
    • Sponsored Posts
  • November 2022 Update Your Video Template, Money, Working Out Your Niche & Titles
    • Work Out What to Make Videos about, How to Structure These and Title Structure
    • Wider Earnings with YouTube (all the ways to monetize)


How to VLOG 2023 : Complete Beginners Course +YouTubeHow to VLOG 2023 : Complete Beginners Course +YouTube

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