How to Write in English Like a Native

How to Write in English Like a Native

How to Write in English Like a Native

Writing for work and university study

Language: english

Note: 3.6/5 (4 notes) 101 students

Instructor(s): Jessica Bordelon


After 8 years of teaching, I have gathered my most effective lessons to create online classes. This course is for intermediate to advanced English language students. Students should already understand simple present, simple past and present progressive before starting this course.

You should already be able to write a paragraph in English and understand the rules of English punctuation.

The focus is common academic and professional grammar forms and vocabulary. This course will benefit your everyday conversation but it is geared toward higher level vocabulary.

Students who studied these exercises were successful at university and in their careers because of how quick the lessons increase fluency.

The content includes infinitives, adverb clauses, noun clauses, participle adjectives and more. The course is organized to ensure you understand the rules and uses of each skill, as well as how they relate to each other. 

What’s different about my teaching style is I show you when these skills are best used and the cultural meaning (or connotations) so you can use them with greater confidence.

Furthermore, students will Learn how to organize written communication for career and university study. You will also learn how to improve your speaking ability while practicing your writing skills.

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