HR Specialist Training Course (Pristine Maid)

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HR Specialist Training Course (Pristine Maid)

HR Specialist Training Course (Pristine Maid)

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Instructor(s): Carry Joseph



Pristine Maid Hiring Specialist (Introduction)

Hey, welcome to your first day of training here at Pristine Maid, we are energized and excited to see you start here with us.

The objective of these videos are to show you how to operate as a hiring specialist here at pristine Maid:

You are recruiting for 1099 subcontractors- a business or person that carries out work for a company as

part of a larger project.

Overview of Your Daily Duties:

#1) Scanning Your email for new candidates from facebook and for candidate questions.

#2) Outbound calls to potential contractors (Zoho Bookings)

#3) Following up with potential contractors to make sure they are compliant and ready to move onto onboarding.

#4) Provide a positive onboarding process

#5) Sending out all important documents to the necessary parties. (Zoho recruit)

#6) Helping people navigate the onboarding process.

#7) Scanning Your email for new candidates from facebook and for candidate questions.

Overview of Course:

Chapter 0) Applications (apps) you will use

-Grass hopper -Bookingkoala, Zoho Apps (3x), Good Hire, Gmai

Chapter 1) Basic requirements of a grade A candidate

-Has a Car that they own

-Has 2 years or more of professional house cleaning experience

-Has General Liability Insurance or is willing to purchase ( Hiscox Business Insurance Company – Quotes $37 – $67

Chapter 2) Gmail Reading Emails: Common emails you will run across

– Insurance -Help with Information

-References -questions

Chapter 3) Zoho meeting + Zoho booking + zoho sign

Chapter 4) Good Hire

Chapter 5) BookingKoala

*****Chapter 6) 1st Interview*****

Enforce the meaning of what a contractor is, we are outsourcing work to them you are responsible for the customer satisfaction at every level and stage of your service. Technically you are a small business that can take advantage of all the tax benefits. As a sole proprietor you can right off taxes on all the normal items that you usually file taxes for (Kids etc.) But now you can have your phone bill, car payment, gas, cleaning supplies, even hair cuts be a tax right off for your small business as a contractor.


-Basic Requirements:

1) 2 years of professional cleaning experience

2) Has reliable transportation (Not absolutely necessary if they don’t mind taking public transportation.

3) Is willing to become compliant ( General Liability Insurance,Contractor Agreement Signed, They would benefit from becoming registered as a sole proprietor to save money on taxes.

Expectations that are set before the 2nd interview.

1) you must have all your references in before your 2nd interview.

2) You must get a quote from a business insurance company such as Hiscox that has an incredible rate ($37-$67) per month.

Chapter 7) 2nd Interview

-What expectations should you set?

-Zoho sign document of the contractor agreement

General Liability Insurance

Onboarding Process ($100.00) bonus

Chapter 8) Phone Edicate + Tone of Voice Smiling

Chapter 9) The secret to making a lead want to cooperate with you, unless they really do not want to.

1st Interview Questions

2nd Interview Questions

***Bonus work in booking Koala until the software can translate to spanish

For the year of 2021 I want our goal here at Pristine


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