HTML, JavaScript, & Bootstrap – Certification Course

HTML, JavaScript, & Bootstrap - Certification Course

HTML, JavaScript, & Bootstrap – Certification Course

A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners interested in learning HTML, JavaScript, & Bootstrap. Build Interactive Web Pages.

Language: english

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Last update: 2019-06-15

What you’ll learn

  • Master HTML and code customized, stylish web pages
  • Add interactivity to Static HTML elements using JavaScript
  • Learn to build mobile responsive web pages, using the Bootstrap Framework
  • Create modern, stylish websites using the latest scripting languages
  • Learn to work with variables, conditional statements, arrays, and loops in JavaScript
  • Master the Bootstrap Grid system, so your Web Pages fit all devices, and screen sizes.
  • Learn to build stylish forms in Bootstrap with complete JavaScript enabled validation
  • Learn to create stylish navigation bars and menus using Bootstrap theme elements
  • + Much More…



  • Basic Computer Skills



Welcome to the HTML, JavaScript, & Bootstrap – Certification Course for Beginners

This course gives students the knowledge necessary to take their front-end development skills to the next level. This course, is meant for beginners who have little, to no experience with coding. We start right from the foundational concepts and work our way up to intermediate level topics. By the end of this course, students will be able to create stunning, mobile responsive web pages using the latest scripting languages.

HTML Section:

HTML is a key fundamental building block when learning to develop websites. Students will initially learn the basics of HTML page structure and gradually transition into working with spacing, text formatting, lists, images, videos, links, anchors, tables, forms and much more. We also include several projects, where students are shown first-hand, how to develop and code html web pages from scratch.

JavaScript Section:

In Section two, students learn to integrate JavaScript components into their web pages for dynamic client-side functionality. We start by exploring basic concepts such as JavaScript placement and Output. From there we move into Variables, Arithmetic Operators, Objects, and Data Types. Students also explore intermediate concepts such as math functions, arrays, conditional statements, loops, events, and functions.

Bootstrap Section:

Students are taught to use the Bootstrap framework for responsive, mobile-first – front-end development. As one of the leading open-source development libraries, Bootstrap is an essential part of the developers coding arsenal. The section begins with teaching students how to include essential Bootstrap files into web pages. It then explores the Bootstrap Grid system and popular layout strategies for optimal cross-device and cross-browser compatibility.

Students gain exposure to just about every Bootstrap component, from typography, tables and images, to jumbotrons, wells, alerts, buttons, glyphicons and progress bars. The section includes several hands-on exercises that will walk students through the process of creating stunning layouts, complete with modals, carousels, popovers, drop-down menus, forms and much more.


Who this course is for

  • Students who want to learn the foundations of HTML, JavaScript, & Bootstrap Development
  • Students interested in building mobile-response web pages
  • Beginner Web Developers interested in upgrading their skills
  • Students interested in learning how to add dynamic client-side functions using JavaScript


Course content

  • HTML Development
    • Introduction to HTML
    • Basic Structure of a Web Page
    • HTML Head Tags
    • HTML Body Tag
    • HTML Paragraph Spacing
    • HTML Line Breaks
    • HTML Non-Breaking Space
    • HTML Header Tags
    • HTML Text Formatting and Decoration
    • HTML Inline Text Formatting
    • HTML Unordered Lists
    • HTML Ordered Lists
    • HTML Image Insertion
    • HTML Embedding Videos
    • HTML Absolute vs. Relative File Referencing
    • HTML Link Creation
    • HTML Anchor Tags
    • HTML Tables
    • HTML Nested Tables
    • HTML Merging Cells
    • HTML Text Wrapping
    • HTML Table Background Image
    • HTML Cell Alignment
    • HTML – Introduction to Forms
    • HTML Form Tags and Attributes
    • HTML Forms – Post vs Get
    • HTML Forms – Input Text Fields
    • HTML Forms – Select Menus
    • HTML Forms – Check Boxes and Radio Buttons
    • HTML Forms – Text Areas and Buttons
    • HTML Iframes
    • HTML Project – Introduction
    • HTML Project – Header
    • HTML Project – Callout
    • HTML Project – Image Insertion
    • HTML Project – Text Insertion
    • HTML Project – Links and Form
    • HTML Project – Tabular Data
    • HTML Project – Footer
  • JavaScript Development
    • DOM Introduction
    • DOM Manipulation
    • JavaScript – Introduction
    • JavaScript Placement
    • External JavaScript
    • JavaScript Output
    • JavaScript InnerHTML
    • JavaScript Commenting
    • JavaScript Constants
    • JavaScript Variables Introduction
    • JavaScript Assignment Operator
    • JavaScript Arithmetic Operations
    • JavaScript Arithmetic Operations Continued
    • JavaScript Operator Precedence
    • JavaScript Data Types
    • JavaScript Objects
    • JavaScript Object Output
    • JavaScript Strings
    • JavaScript String Length
    • JavaScript String Length
    • JavaScript Random Numbers
    • JavaScript Min and Max Function
    • JavaScript Math Round Function
    • JavaScript Arrays
    • JavaScript Array Attributes
    • JavaScript Arrays – Pop – Push – Shift – Unshift
    • JavaScript Changing and Deleting Elements
    • JavaScript Splicing an Array
    • JavaScript Sorting an Array
    • JavaScript Joining Arrays
    • JavaScript Conditional Statements
    • JavaScript Comparisons
    • JavaScript Booleans
    • JavaScript For Loops
    • JavaScript For-In Loop
    • JavaScript While Loops
    • JavaScript Do-While Loop
    • JavaScript Break and Continue
    • JavaScript Functions
    • JavaScript Events
    • JavaScript Project 1 – BG Color Changer
  • Bootstrap Development
    • Introduction to Bootstrap
    • Embedding Bootstrap
    • Bootstrap Basic Page Structure
    • Bootstrap Grid System
    • Bootstrap Three Column Layouts
    • Bootstrap Typography
    • Bootstrap Tables
    • Bootstrap Styling Images
    • Bootstrap Jumbotron
    • Bootstrap Wells
    • Bootstrap Alerts
    • Bootstrap Buttons
    • Bootstrap Button Groups
    • Bootstrap Justified Button Groups
    • Bootstrap Glyphicons
    • Bootstrap Badges and Labels
    • Bootstrap Progress Bars
    • Bootstrap Pagination
    • Bootstrap Pager Pagination
    • Bootstrap List Groups
    • Bootstrap Panels
    • Bootstrap Dropdown Menus
    • Bootstrap Collapsibles
    • Bootstrap Collapse Panel
    • Bootstrap Collapse List Group
    • Bootstrap Accordian
    • Bootstrap Tab Menus
    • Bootstrap Pill Menus
    • Bootstrap Dynamic Tabs and Pills
    • Bootstrap Navigation Bar
    • Bootstrap Collapsible Navigation Bar
    • Bootstrap Forms – Vertical and Inline
    • Bootstrap Inputs
    • Bootstrap Form Control States
    • Bootstrap Input Sizing
    • Bootstrap Carousel
    • Bootstrap Modal
    • Bootstrap Tooltip
    • Bootstrap Popover
    • Bootstrap Scrollspy
    • Bootstrap Project – Themes Intro
    • Bootstrap Project – File Overview
    • Bootstrap Project – Script Overview
    • Bootstrap Project – Script Overview Cont.


HTML, JavaScript, & Bootstrap - Certification CourseHTML, JavaScript, & Bootstrap - Certification Course

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