HTML with CSS and JavaScript

HTML with CSS and JavaScript

HTML with CSS and JavaScript

Web development with HTML

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Muhammad Razni Hashim


Web design and web development are top fields on the rise. Most websites use HTML along with CSS and JavaScript in them. Developers need to have a sound knowledge on each of them. HTML defines the structure of the website. Design and Formatting is done with the help of CSS while JavaScript is used to address the behaviour of the website. PHP is used at the backend of the website. HTML is an easy subject to learn. It is actually not a programming language. It is a markup language. Although different versions of HTML have been introduced the basics of HTML still remains the same. HTML uses tags and attributes to design and develop websites. The structure of HTML is like a sandwich. It has two tags that enclose all the other tags. All the design and development is done inside these two tags. From creating a title for the webpage to how to create tables each and everything is explained by using different kinds of examples that will help you understand the lessons very well. The course contains details on how to insert images, how to format texts, how to insert tables, how to insert lists and many other important elements that you need to master before you start developing a website.

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