Human Resource Information System Training

Human Resource Information System Training

Human Resource Information System Training

Learn what the uses of HRIS are and how Human Resource utilizes HRIS to benefit the employees

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What you’ll learn

  • This HR Management Course will allow you a different perspective to look at an organization.
  • It will also provide you with a strategic viewpoint of employee relation and their management.
  • This is an age of globalization and digitalization, so HRM also requires an upgrade. You will learn how to implement traditional HRM
  • Here you will learn how HR, directly and indirectly, affects the growth of an organization.



  • Willingness to learn: If you don’t like Human Resource Management then this HR Management Course is not for you. This course is particularly for those people who are willing to pursue their career as HR Professionals and learn every aspect of it. Basic Knowledge: Human Resource Management is not difficult but the backbone of an organization. If you have basic knowledge about Human Resource Management, you can do this course.



We will start this module with a brief introduction about HRIS. Moving ahead you will learn what the uses of HRIS are and how Human Resource utilizes HRIS to benefit the employees. Also, you will learn the objective, requirement of HRIS in an organization and how the employees can use it in their welfare. You need to watch 47 videos in total to cover this module.

Human Resource Management is an umbrella term used for the development and management of people in an organization. HRM as a process is very important for an organization, without which it will be a tedious task to run an organization.

HRM also helps the employees to live up to their full potential and perform their best and hence benefit the organization. Another function of human resources is to maintain a cordial relation between various levels of employees.

Besides recruitment, there are wide areas of work for HR to focus on such as compensation and benefits, training and learning, labor and employee relations, organization development and so on. Due to so many areas to focus on for human resource one need to have expertise in either one or more areas.

Human Resource professionals need to have a strategic and comprehensive approach to their work. In this era of digitalization, an HR professional has to have traditional as well as an international approach towards managing people as well as workplace culture and environment.


Who this course is for

  • Students: Any student from any field can do this HR Management Course. Management Professionals: This course will teach you everything you need to learn about Human Resource Management to search for jobs and also spread the words about who you are and how you can help. Entrepreneurs: Upcoming Entrepreneurs or established businesses, need to plan their workforce. This course can give you enough exposure to understanding the same.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Course Introduction
  • Talent Management
    • Talent Acquisition
    • Talent Management Software
    • More on Talent Management Software
  • HRIS Key Impact Areas
    • Key Areas
    • Employee Self Service
    • Differences and Relations
  • Key Functions of a HRIS
    • Applicant Tracking and Onboarding
    • Attendance and Leave Management
    • Payroll Management
    • Self Service Portal
    • Compensation Management
    • Employee life cycle
    • Perforce Appraisal
  • Other functions of HRIS
    • Growing Significance of software in HR
    • Advantages of automation HR
    • Limits of HRIS system
    • Designing a HIRS is like designing a House
  • Designing an HRIS
    • Data base Design Process
    • Defining the data base
    • Reports
    • Data Control and HRIS Implemtation team
    • Software and Hardware Require For HRIS
    • Factors for Hradware and software in HRIS
  • Popular Software for an HRIS
    • Popular Softwares in HRIS
    • Popolar Softwares in HRIS summary
    • Vendors and Consultants
    • HIRS Vendors and Consultants
    • More Details on HIRS Vendors and Consultants
    • HIRS Consultant
    • Getting most out of an HRIS Consultant
    • Contract and warranties
    • HRIS Implementation
    • Installation of HRIS
    • HIRS Project Team Training
  • Maintaining and Enhancing an HRIS
    • HRIS Maintainence
    • Managing HRIS
  • Managing an HRIS
    • Managing HRIS till Summary
    • Complete Describe of Managing HRIS till Summary
    • HRIS Aplications
    • Payroll Compensation and Benifits
    • More Details On Payroll Compensation and Benefits
    • Occoupational Health anbd Safety in HRIS
    • Impact areas of HRIS
    • More Details On Impact areas of HRIS
    • Scheduling and succession planning
  • Other HRIS Applications
    • Other HRIS Applications
    • HRIS Trends and Resources


Human Resource Information System TrainingHuman Resource Information System Training

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