Hypnotherapy Training – Become A Certified Hypnosis Coach!

Hypnotherapy Training - Become A Certified Hypnosis Coach!

Hypnotherapy Training – Become A Certified Hypnosis Coach!

In this course you will get all the necessary knowledge from the basics to get started with hypnotherapy!

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Instructor(s): Jean-Maurice Cecilia-Menzel

Hypnotherapy Training - Become A Certified Hypnosis Coach!



THE Hypnotherapy Online Video Course

What will you learn?

-What is Hypnosis? What happens in hypnosis? The principles of hypnosis application

-Limitations and possibilities of hypnosis

-Therapeutic principles and contraindications: client relationship and disorders

-The hypnotherapeutic application: introduction, blockade solution, main part and discharge

-25 pages of comprehensive course script

The techniques learned will enable you to use a wide variety of applications and suggestion texts from the field of hypnotherapeutic intervention in an expert and professional manner.

No previous knowledge is necessary: In this course you will get from the basics, all the necessary knowledge to get started as a hypnotist!

For anyone who has an interest in learning how to use hypnosis. For coaches, alternative practitioners and interested people.

Fully comprehensive hypnotherapy online course! 25 pages of course script and edited video material for a direct entry!

With the right training, hypnosis can be used very effectively both as a stand-alone application and as an additional therapeutic adjunct in a holistic approach. Our hypnosis course is highly practical and includes numerous techniques for the safe use of hypnosis.

My name is Jean-Maurice Cecilia-Menzel. I have been working in the therapeutic field for 7 years and with hypnosis interventions for 5 years. A personal contact and a high quality of the course are very important to me.

Hypnosis is therapy on people and a sound basic training form the framework of a transparent client and therapist relationship. I am also available after the course for open questions.



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