Implementation of ASIC Design Flow using Modelsim

Implementation of ASIC Design Flow using Modelsim

Implementation of ASIC Design Flow using Modelsim

Basics of ASIC , Introduction to Modelsim

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Instructor(s): Rohini Vikas Daund

Implementation of ASIC Design Flow using Modelsim



Hello students, My name  is Rohini Vikas Daund , Your instructor of the course ” Implementation of ASIC Design flow using Model sim software”.

Welcome to this course, this course is about understanding of basics of ASICs and implementation of ASIC design flow using Model sim.

In this course you not only learn the ASIC design flow but also how to implement and simulate the circuits using Model sim software.

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in ASIC and wants to implement circuits in Model sim and test it.

You will learn following concepts in this course

Introduction of ASIC, Types of ASIC, Comparison, Applications of ASIC

ASIC Design flow

Different Stages in ASIC Design flow like Design Entry, Logic Synthesis, System Partitioning, Pre-layout Simulation, Floor-planning,Placement, Routing, Circuit Extraction, Post-layout Simulation

Introduction of Modelsim,  What is ModelSim?, Need of ModelSim, Advantages of ModelSim and How you get modelsim? Installation of  Model sim

Implementation of Different circuits  in Model sim and their simulation

After completing this course you will be able to write the VHDL and verilog code, compile it and simulate design.

We are going to use Model sim software which is freely available to download student version.

I wish you all the best for the course.


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