Improve English Vocabulary: Learn 3 Unique Methods

Improve English Vocabulary: Learn 3 Unique Methods

Improve English Vocabulary: Learn 3 Unique Methods

3 Best ways to improve vocabulary easily and quickly without memorizing anything-Easy and fast methods.

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Instructor(s): Vishwajayant Adhiraj

Last update: 2022-09-13

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the unique tricks and techniques to solve the problems of vocabulary challenges
  • Learn the toughest newspaper words from the National or, International newspapers
  • Learn 250+ Vocabulary from the No.1 American Newspaper The New York Times
  • Learn 250+ Vocabulary from the No.1 Indian Newspaper The Hindu
  • Learn 250+ Vocabulary from the No.1 Indian Newspaper The Times of India
  • Learn 250+ Vocabulary from the No.1 Indian Newspaper The Economic Times
  • Learn Day to day Vocabulary that makes your personality elegant and splendid
  • Learn the Vocabulary for all exams in the world
  • Learn new lessons every month with fresh and new contents with lots of research and study on it



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This course is mainly designed for students and business persons who need a quick improvement in their daily speaking English words/vocabulary.

In this increase English vocabulary course, I have introduced one of the best methods to improve vocabulary without memorizing any words. The method is called MUM Method. MUM stands for Meaning, Memorising, and Usage. Here, we address all the 3 challenges that come at the time of improving the vocabulary.  We will avoid seeing the meaning of the words either in the dictionary or, in the Google search. Once again, we will neither memorize the words nor, we will take extra effort to use the word here.

3 Unique Methods have been introduced for the first time in the world to let English learners an edge to be proficient in English-

1. Word-Substitution/Replacement Method,

2. MUM-Methodology,

3. Words-grafting Method.

How this Improve Your Vocabulary course is Amazing-

*Free upgrade with new and fresh content every time with a shorter interval time period. It means the content in this course is not limited. Every time you come back you may get amazed with some new and fresh content, lessons that will enrich your learning to move with more confidence. The motive behind the course is not to sell the course but to empower learners around the world to be skilled in their respective fields for a better career.


Keep learning because the course will have so many new updates with new learning materials and contents frequently. It is not limited. Still to cover a lot to help learners learn at best. Your hours are going to increase for sure here.


Who this course is for

  • Business persons who are willing to improve their vocabulary quickly with no effort
  • Students from the background of GRE,CAT, XAT, UPSC, SSC Banking Exams etc. who are preparing for some exams
  • Public Speakers who need a strong command over vocabulary instantly
  • All the English language learner who want to improve their vocabulary quickly
  • Writers/Authors/Bloggers who need a great stock of vocab in mind to express their thoughts at best
  • Students of IELTS/TOEFL/PTE looking for quick improvements in vocabulary
  • Students going to the English Countries like-USA, UK, Australia, Canada
  • Corporate employees facing challenges to get respect at work due to poor English words that do not fascinate others at workplace
  • Students struggling to improve the vocabulary for a long time and need a quick improvement


Course content

  • Vocabulary Building Methods: Introduction-Description-Explanation
    • Introduction: Role of Vocabulary in English
    • Vocabulary Building Methods
  • Word-Replacement/Substitution Method
    • Word-Replacement Method
    • Word-Replacement Method-1
    • Word Replacement Method-2
  • MUM-Methodology
    • MUM Methodology: Meaning
    • MUM Methodology: Coverage How
    • Practice Set: 1
    • Practice Set-2
  • Words-Grafting Method
    • Words-Grafting Method: Definition
    • Words-Grafting Method: Practice Set The Hindu Words
  • Students’ Corner: Learn, Practice, improvise, rise
    • Learn with all fun


Improve English Vocabulary: Learn 3 Unique Methods

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