IMS DB DBD- Mainframe

IMS DB DBD- Mainframe

IMS DB DBD- Mainframe

IMS DB – DBD creation

Language: english

Note: 4.7/5 (3 notes) 225 students

Instructor(s): Venkateswarlu A



This video is extracted from IMS DB live training (previous batch) and Uploaded video (DBD creation) for your reference and understanding.

In this video, i explained:

  • How to create DBD/ IMS Database and Process

  • Macros


  • SEGM

  • ROOT


  • NAME




  • TYPE



  • END

Other details:

In IMS systems that use DBD libraries, use the Database Description Generation (DBDGEN) utility to define a database so that it can be used by an application program

This utility might not be used in IMS systems that manage runtime application control blocks by using the catalog.

A database description (DBD) is a DL/I control block containing all of the database information needed by an application program.

You create a database description (DBD) by coding special macro instructions. These macros become the input to the DBDGEN utility.

You can use only one physical DBD to describe each physical database; otherwise, a user abend, such as 0850, 0852, or 0853 occurs. At execution time, DL/I uses the DBD to create a set of internal control blocks.

The DBDGEN utility defines each DBD with the following database information:

  • Segment types

  • Physical and logical relationships between segment types

  • Database organization and access method

  • Physical characteristics of the database

  • Define the name and data options of selected exit routines

  • Metadata that describes the database and the data stored in the database



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