Increase Happiness by Learning the Secrets of Self Care

Increase Happiness by Learning the Secrets of Self Care

Increase Happiness by Learning the Secrets of Self Care

Learn About Practical Weight Loss Principles, Nutrition, and Emotional Intelligence for a Life of Happiness

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Instructor(s): Crystal Tummala

Last update: 2020-12-29

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to recognize the triggers that are causing overeating
  • Identify and regulate emotions
  • Learn how to break bad habits
  • Learn to create good habits
  • Learn to deal with stress



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Are you eating on autopilot? Do you find yourself eating when you feel stressed, anxious, or depressed?  Are you overeating and you know you are doing it, yet continue? 

I too have suffered with emotion triggered overeating.  I created this course to help myself you others like you with gaining emotional intelligence concerning food.

In this course you will learn:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?

  • What is Emotion Regulation?

  • What is Impulse Control?

  • The Importance of Self Love

  • The Importance of Empathy

  • To Identify and Short Circuit Negative Eating Patterns

  • Formation of Healthy Eating Habits

  • Meditation As a Way to Get in Touch with Yourself

  • Thank you for exploring this course brought to you by Pursuing Wisdom Academy.

    Crystal Hutchinson Tummala is a Pennsylvania licensed attorney.  She has started several successful businesses and previously had her own law practice.

    In 2018, Crystal Hutchinson Tummala founded Pursuing Wisdom Academy.   The mission of Pursuing Wisdom Academy is to assist you with the achievement of your goals. 

    The library of courses offered by Pursuing Wisdom Academy is ever increasing and covers topics including Entrepreneurship, Course Creation, Life Coaching, Relationship Courses, Job Searching, Motivation, Grief and Bereavement, Contract and Legal Issues, as well as courses related to Spirituality.  Crystal constantly researches various educational platforms and looks for areas where she can create additional courses that would benefit her growing student base.

    She is humbled and grateful to have over 84,000 students in 190 countries.

    The courses only require access to the Internet and a phone or computer to view the videos.  If you are eager to learn and apply the lessons taught in the courses, you will excel. 


Who this course is for

  • Students With A Willingness To Learn About Emotional Intelligence


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Course Promo Emotional Intelligence About Food
    • Welcome to the course from Crystal Tummala
    • Introduction To Stress
    • What is Stress?
    • Focus On Nutritious Food
    • The Psychology of Overeating
    • Exercise To Reinforce What You Have Learned So Far; Journaling
    • Boost Self Confidence
    • Success Boost
    • Emotion Control Instead Of Overeating
    • Emotional Intelligence You Are In Control
    • Focus On The Nutrition Rather Than The Comfort Of Food
    • Power Foods For Health Benefits
    • You Need To Make Change A Goal
    • Emotional Intelligence Based Food Goal Setting
    • Weight Loss Goals Are Better When Well Defined
    • Distract Yourself When Cravings Are Triggered By Emotion
    • Emotions, Willpower and A Higher Power
    • Emotional Intelligence To Create Habits Of Change
    • Break Habits Hurting Diet And Nutrition Goals
    • The Power Of Friends Working Together On Emotions and Goals
    • Diet And Nutrition And The Holidays
    • Hobbies to Aide With Diet Goals
    • Mindfulness Eating Exercise Think As You Eat
    • Knowing Progress Takes Time
    • Emotional Intelligence Learn Emotion Regulations
    • Importance Of Sleep For Diet And Nutrition Balance
    • Sleep Quality and Weight ;REM
    • Why Sleep Matters
    • How To Improve Sleep
    • Meditation Learn Not To Give In To Stress Eating
    • Make Slight Changes To Meet Diet and Nutrition Goals
    • Nurture Empathy and Self Love
    • Emotional Intelligence; Believe You Can Be Confident
    • Mindfulness Self Compassion Exercise
    • Self- Love Do Something For You For Joy
    • Make Big Changes With Nutrition In Mind
    • Weight Loss Through Habits
    • Regulate Stress and Regulate Emotions By Taking A Mental Vacation
    • Self Empathy Self Love and Affirmations
    • Emotional Intelligence Distraction Plan For Distress
    • Self Forgiveness and Celebrating Small Victories
    • Depression, Stress Anxiety Reducing Essential Oil Intro
    • A Note On Some Essential Oils With Great Benefits
    • Nutrition Diet; Ongoing Choices
    • Develop Emotional Intelligence Muscles With Strategies
    • Checklist For Other Causes Of Emotional Upset
    • Self Hypnosis
    • Covid-19 Stresses; Emotion Regulation Word For Now
    • Course Conclusion
    • Bonus Lecture


Increase Happiness by Learning the Secrets of Self Care

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