Innovation & Startups: AB Testing Of KPI With Lean Startup

Innovation & Startups: AB Testing Of KPI With Lean Startup

Innovation & Startups: AB Testing Of KPI With Lean Startup

Find growth KPIs for your startup or innovation and grow your startup’s innovation using the Lean Startup methodology

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Instructor(s): Alex Genadinik

Last update: 2022-06-10

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to create startups
  • Understand what to focus on to grow your startup
  • Learn to use KPI (Key Performance Indicators) correctly
  • Modern startup approach to innovation
  • Make your innovation reach its full potential
  • Choose the right KPI to track the most important aspects of your startup to make sure your innovation grows



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1) Learn to start an innovative startup.

2) Learn to identify the right factors that will catalyze growth.

3) Use Google Analytics to monitor the correct metrics and KPI.

4) Use that data and insight to focus on and fix the right things.

5) Grow and succeed with your innovation or startup.


Startup and innovative businesses must focus on growth. Most entrepreneurs focus on money too quickly. But startups must focus on growth, which is why identifying the most important growth and engagement metrics is the most important part of starting an innovative new company. 

When you are working on a true innovation, many aspects of your product business are unknown. That’s why it’s an innovation. If it was a common business that has been done many times before, your KPIs would be known. But since your startup is building something new, you have to identify the right things to focus on in order to grow the most vital parts of your startup.


Any technology from something simple like a hammer to something complicated like spaceships or computers undergo a series of improvements over time until they get to a desired level of use and quality. No innovation is ideal on its first version so the goal of startup entrepreneurs is to create enough iterations of improvement quickly in order to perfect their product.

The strategy of this course is to show you how to choose the right things to improve so every one of your improvement iterations makes an impact and helps you grow your startup. The way to choose which features of your startup or innovation to improve is to look at use data, analytics, and identify the right KPIs in order to improve the aspects of your startup that are most vital.

The flip side of this is that if you choose the wrong features to improve, it won’t make an impact and your innovation or startup won’t grow. This course will help you succeed by using time-proven, best strategies to help you grow your startup and improve your product or innovation.


Everything in the course is up-to-date for this year.


All the tools in the course like Google Analytics are free and standard tools used by startups. You won’t have to pay for any additional tools or software after you enroll.


If you have questions about any part of your startup, I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don’t respond. Well, I do because:

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money’s worth from the course.


* Lots of extra freebies, downloadable worksheets, and exercises to make the course more interactive and helpful to your startup

* Personal invitation to my Facebook community after you complete the course

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Who this course is for

  • Entrepreneurs who have an interesting business idea or an innovation
  • First-time startup founders


Course content

  • Startup, growth, data, and KPI course introduction
    • Startup, growth, data, and KPI course introduction
    • What is a startup and what is not a startup
    • Customer Development and Lean Startup methodologies for startups
    • Different stages of focus for innovation and startups in this course
    • Building the case study for your startup’s onboarding
  • KPIs for innovation in startups
    • Defining KPI and examples of KPI
    • KPI for innovation in a dating website startup
    • KPI and Customer Development methodology quiz
  • Google Analytics introduction to monitor your KPIs
    • Analytics section introduction
    • Introduction to Google Analytics for tracking KPI and important data
    • CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and LTV to make a strong profit & real example
    • User navigation flow in Google Analytics of your innovation or startup website
    • Quality of the traffic and secondary metrics in Google Analytics
    • Net promoter score and KPI for your startup
  • Start-up customer onboarding
    • Introduction to customer onboarding for startups
    • Udemy onboarding example
    • Building engagement into your product
  • KPI of SERP and conversion
    • KPI of SERP and conversion
    • Title copywriting – theory
    • Examples of improving the headline for a website
    • Four product title examples walk-through to grab attention and boost sales
    • Effective subtitle that reinforces the sales message
    • Subtitle examples
    • More subtitle examples
    • Comparing our work to existing titles/subtitles & your exercise
    • Product descriptions that work by triggering the right buyer emotions
    • Product descriptions examples
    • Description structure
  • Promo video to boost sales
    • How to create an effective sales video
    • Example of a sales video for your ad
    • Sales script example for a video promoting an Ecommerce store
  • Building trust with your credentials
    • About us to boost sales with trust
    • Examples of good about us pages
    • Certifications
  • Building trust further
    • Privacy policy
    • Contact and support page – customer support sells
    • Money back guarantee
  • Discounts and scarcity – your sales weapons to boost sales conversion KPI
    • How to use discounts to boost sales
    • Scarcity – learn to manufacture scarcity and get people to buy now
  • Customer support section
    • Customer support section introduction
    • How customer service and customer care are immensely important for growth
    • Seven types of customer complaints and how to deal with each
    • Anatomy of a customer complaint interaction from before to after the interaction
    • Customer support vs. customer experience
    • Example of an angry customer email and common misunderstandings
    • Firing bad clients – how to say goodbye in a professional way without damage
    • Mindset for placating angry customers and having positive interactions
    • Dealing with angry clients and deciding when to fire clients
    • Adding positive words to your customer support interactions
    • Examples of negative words not to use and how to rephrase
    • Customer support quiz
  • Market research and validating your business ideas and
    • Market research section introduction
    • Consumers and people behave differently than they say
    • Starting to identify our target market and getting over initial assumptions
    • How to get feedback on business ideas & how to get expert feedback
    • Paid options to get business idea feedback
    • Focus group costs – few thousand and different if you do it or a firm
    • How to run a single focus group meeting
    • Using existing research by research firms
    • Validating business ideas by starting small and testing them in the market
    • How I validated my t-shirts
  • Using a customer feedback form for customer support
    • Introduction to creating a customer feedback survey in free Google Forms
    • Creating an account in Google Docs so we can use Google Forms
    • Multi-page forms
    • Finishing the course customer feedback form
    • Script for the feedback collection email
    • Customer feedback form results
  • Publicity and branding for innovative start-ups and products
    • Publicity for startups and products with innovation – introduction
    • 10 ways to make your business immediately more newsworthy
    • Example of a plumber who got publicity by being unique
    • REVERSE PUBLICITY METHOD: Can be used on day 1 & get influencers to promote you
    • How to use your blog to get publicity and position yourself as an authority
    • How to get noteworthy guests on your show
    • How publicity will help your SEO and to get your site to rank in Google
    • NEW! How to be successful in getting publicity on HARO: step by step
    • Hashtags to get publicity
    • Case study of how one CEO got millions of visitors from free publicity
  • Press release writing and sending out – good for unique and compelling companies
    • Press release writing and sending out – good for unique and compelling companies
    • What are press releases for?
    • Starting to write the press release for your innovation with the title
    • Additional press release headline examples
    • Subtitle for your press release
    • Writing the press release as a story and to add keywords
    • Finishing the press release with bio and contact sections
    • Another press release example
    • If journalists copy and paste your press release, how will it impact your SEO?
    • Example for a book release
    • Example of PLR licensing service press release
    • Submitting the press release
    • 20 websites to promote press releases
    • Press release results
    • Press release exercise
    • Press release exercise – answer
    • Press release title exercise
    • Press release title exercise – answer
    • Press release quiz
  • How to get interviewed on radio shows and podcasts to promote your startup
    • RadioGuestList section introduction
    • How to check out the emails
    • How to craft your startup pitch to radio show and podcast hosts
    • Pitch template and example
    • Edited podcaster or radio show pitch example
    • Ways to strengthen the pitch for your innovation
    • Your promotional asset
    • How and what to talk about on the shows to sell your products
    • How to get 50-100% more radio or podcast interviews
    • How to get a HUGE number of radio shows, podcast and even TV appearances
    • Another similar service to boost your potential reach
    • Podcast and radio show publicity quiz
  • Influencer marketing to promote your startup or innovation
    • Introduction to influencer marketing to promote start-ups or your innovation
    • Benefits of influencers over ads
    • 3 things to look for in an influencer & how to find fake ones & which are good
    • How to manually find influencers
    • Influencer marketing tip using Twitter lists
    • Email template and script to pitch influencers
    • Legal agreement document, disclosures, and FTC to stop influencer abuse
    • Example of disclosing influencer marketing promotion
    • Influencer audience sizes
    • Influencer compensation models
    • Compensation calculator for influencer marketing
    • Advanced: create an affiliate program for your business
    • Tapinfluence
    • Socialblade for tracking influencer growth
    • Linqia
    • Traackr
    • Upfluence
    • Influencer marketing quiz
  • Introduction to storytelling and persuasion
    • Introduction to storytelling and persuasion
    • Story structure at its basic elements
    • EXERCISE: Let’s take a boring story and give it human appeal
    • Exercise – let’s build a story from scratch
    • Introduction to show-don’t-tell for great imagery and persuasion
    • Show, don’t tell in a job interview to help the interviewer see you at your best
    • More practice for show, don’t tell
    • Show, don’t tell – in creative writing and poetry
    • Corporate brand story
    • The case study story – one of the most effective tools for businesses & media
    • Tell a great first-impression story
    • Storytelling quiz
  • Protecting intellectual property
    • 6 ways to protect your intellectual property
    • Creating a moat around your business
    • For first-time entrepreneurs: More on moats, barriers, and long-term competition
  • Business Registration
    • Should you register your business
    • Company registration and formation decision (LLC vs. S Corp vs. C Corp)
    • Why you need a commercial bank account
  • Fundraising for a start-up or an innovation
    • Introduction to fundraising for a start-up or an innovation
    • How much money you need to raise for your start-up or an innovation
    • List of startup incubators that might help your start-up or an innovation
    • My experience and common entrepreneur mindset when it comes to raising money
    • WORKSHEET: New business expenses and calculating how much you need to raise
    • WORKSHEET: Existing business expenses and calculating how much to raise
    • Fundraising paths worksheet for your start-up or an innovation
    • Bootstrapping your start-up or an innovation
    • Raising money from loans for your start-up or an innovation
    • Raising money from grants for your start-up or an innovation
    • Resources and websites to supplement previous lecture (grants)
    • Raising money from investors for your start-up or an innovation
    • Raising money from donations and crowdfunding for your start-up or an innovation
  • Pitching investors and creating an investor pitch deck
    • Section introduction – let’s learn to create a business pitch deck for investors
    • Pitch poety vs. prose
    • One sentence business pitch/explanation template
    • What investors look for
    • Example of a bad and rambling pitch
    • Outline of a pitch deck
    • Problem and solution sections of the pitch deck
    • Differentiation and why this approach slides
    • Business model
    • Target market size
    • Financials
    • Business pitch communication quiz
    • Business pitch advanced quiz
  • Conclusion
    • Bonus lecture


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