Insider Tips For LinkedIn Profile, Resume, Job Interview

Insider Tips For LinkedIn Profile, Resume, Job Interview

Insider Tips For LinkedIn Profile, Resume, Job Interview

Top Recruiter Tips For Job Interview, Resume Writing And LinkedIn Profile To Get Your Dream Job. Includes Live Classes

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Instructor(s): Six Sigma Academy Amsterdam

Last update: 2022-08-17

What you’ll learn

  • Learn insights provided by recruiters from Google, Amazon, Sony, Lufthansa and more for career hacking..
  • Increase your success chances when applying for jobs. Our students went from 14% interview invitations to 79% interview invitations. That is career hacking.
  • Join our free and live sessions and interact with teachers to optimize your resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter.
  • Write a killer resume / CV and cover letter and use insider tips to avoid the mistakes that send 90% of the resumes to the trash.
  • Use industry insights from 20+ experts to make a LinkedIn profile that stands out and is magnetic.
  • Listen to tips of industry veterans on what to (not) do during a job interview.



  • No previous experience is required.



Get Your Dream Job. LinkedIn and Resume Hacks + Live Class [2022]

Welcome! Are looking for your dream internship or dream job? You need to know two things to kickstart your career, or career hacking an existing career:

  • What are the latest trends, rules and norms in 2022 when it comes to applying for jobs? What is expected in 2022 from a LinkedIn profile, resume /CV and job interview skills?

  • What and how do actual recruiters and hiring managers at companies such as Google, Lufthansa, BMW, ING Bank and Amazon think? What do they like to see? What do they do not like to see?   

Our course is especially designed to answer these questions to help you hack the career you want. Our course is a compact and very information-dense career oriented course.


  • This course is designed and taught by university lecturers from Holland in cooperation with recruiters from Amazon, Google, Deloitte, Sony, Lufthansa and more. This course is standard part of undergraduate and graduate curricula.

  • On top of the videos, we have periodical live sessions during which you can interact with the teachers and/or recruiters and gain valuable tips for writing a resume/CV, writing a cover letter, making a LinkedIn profile, or tips for a successful online or offline job interview.

  • We will teach you how to write a resume/CV that is ATS friendly and slides through the automated review system like a hot knife through butter!

  • We guarantee you success. This is not the first time we do this. We have done this over and over again with students, fresh graduates and those with advanced careers. We are so confident that you will be successful that we provide a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • We will teach you the threefold hook method for writing a perfect cover letter.

  • We will teach you job interview skills and teach you to steer away from some common mistakes 95% of the candidates make.

  • We will optimize your LinkedIn profile. There are 6 major mistakes that 90% of the people make on their LinkedIn profile. We will help you to avoid those. 

We hope to welcome you on board amazing people! Let’s go for that dream job or dream internship!

This course has a free certificate of completion and 30 days money back guarantee.


Who this course is for

  • Anyone who is looking for a (better) job or internship.


Course content

  • The resume
    • Introduction
    • Connect for optional, free live sessions
    • Section introduction: Resume/CV
    • Meet Emma!
    • What is the ATS?
    • Being ATS friendly
    • ATS and organization size
    • Other ATS functions
    • ATS quiz
    • Emma’s resume
    • Thanks for your time!
    • Resume length
    • Position education and professional experience
    • Marital status, gender, date of birth?
    • Mention all jobs?
    • Looks resume
    • References and the resume
    • Mystery resume part 1
    • Mystery resume part 2
    • Exercise
  • The letter
    • Section introduction: Cover letter
    • Emma’s cover letter
  • Social media
    • Section introduction: Social media
    • LinkedIn, a double edged sword
    • A great LinkedIn profile
  • The interview
    • Section introduction: Interview
    • The job interview
    • What to bring to the interview?
    • What to wear?
    • The online interview
    • Post Interview tip 1
    • Post interview tip 2
    • Post interview tip 3
    • Post interview tip 4
    • Post interview tip 5
    • Alternative approaches to getting an interview
  • Final steps
    • Final quiz
    • Goodbye + Live sessions


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