Instant Speed Reading

Instant Speed Reading

Instant Speed Reading

How to Read Faster Instantly!

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The Instant-Series Presents “Instant Speed Reading”

How to Read Faster Instantly!

How fast can you read? Not very fast, right? Or at least not as fast as you would like…otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this?

Now how about if you can increase your reading speed by 5, or even 10, times faster than you read now…guarantee?

What does that mean? Imagine…

  • 5x the things you can read through faster, and have 5x more time for other things.

  • 5x the studying you can get through, and have 5x better grades.

  • 5x the work you can get done, and have 5x more respect at work.

  • 5x the types of reading you love you can escape to, and have 5x more enjoyment.

  • 5x the information you can acquire, and have 5x more knowledge and skills to impress people with your intelligence.

The traditional way you were taught to read in school and by others are ineffective and slow you down, making the process and experience boring and unbearable. No wonder why we don’t have more people who like to read, preferring the tube over the pages or watching the screen over reading the screen.

With the digital age ever-exploding, there are more and more stuffs to read coming out every second, from the internet to our computer, tablets and mobile devices, and even on paper.

Reading fast is a must if you want to be able to keep up!

The question now is, do you want to read faster and better, or not? The choice is yours.

Accelerate your reading speed with “Instant Speed Reading.”

Instant Speed Reading



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