Intermediate: Cognitive Behavior Therapy- (Fully Accredited)

Intermediate: Cognitive Behavior Therapy- (Fully Accredited)

Intermediate: Cognitive Behavior Therapy- (Fully Accredited)

Working with Dysfunctional Assumptions/Life Rules

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Kevin O’Doherty

Last update: 2020-05-18

What you’ll learn

  • Dysfunctional Assumptions/Life Rules and the part they play in psychological distress
  • Distinguish between helpful and unhelpful Life Rules
  • How to identify your own unhelpful Life Rules
  • How to begin the process of replacing unhelpful Life Rules
  • Practice and implementation of behaviours associated with your new Life Rules
  • Consolidation of your new Life Rules



  • An understanding of the basics of CBT and specifically, how thinking errors work
  • Introduction to CBT course recommended (see my first Introductory course!!)
  • A good basic understanding of the English language



This course is fully accredited by IAOTH (International Association of Therapists) and a certificate is provided upon completion.  It is a follow on from my Introduction to CBT and focuses on higher level understanding of CBT theory and practice, specifically looking at Dysfunctional Assumptions/Life Rules, their part in psychological distress, their development and how to amend unhelpful Life Rules.  This is an excellent course that takes the student to a higher level understanding of how CBT works.  The course is suitable for anyone with an interest in CBT and how it works, it is also suitable for people undergoing CBT, thinking about accessing CBT or for those who provide therapy for clients.  There is a free copy of my book: The Little Book of Thinking Errors (in downloadable pdf format) as a recap of Thinking Errors in CBT.

The style of teaching is relaxed, informal and professional and throughout the course, students are encouraged to think through issues covered and to discuss with friends, colleagues or associates. Students are also encouraged to get in touch with the lecturer with any questions or queries they may have. The lecturer also welcomes students opinion on any of the points discussed throughout the course.

An excellent course for anyone with an interest in the topic, either from a personal or professional perspective. The course is taught by Kevin O’Doherty, Psychologist, Forensic Mental Health Expert Witness and CBT Therapist. Kevin has worked in mental health for over 20 years and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience during that time. This course is also available via live streaming and face to face upon request. Individuals and organisations alike are encouraged to get in touch.


Who this course is for

  • Anybody interested in CBT and how it works
  • People considering providing CBT or other therapy interventions for clients
  • People undergoing, or considering CBT as a treatment option
  • People working in social care or mental health related services
  • Teachers and instructors of therapeutic provision in general


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Brief Recap of CBT Basics
    • The Main Theory of CBT
    • NATS, Life Rules and Core Beliefs – The Link
  • Rules for Living, The Hows the Whys and the Wherefores
    • Examples of Life Rules and how they Impact us
    • More About Life Rules and How they Impact us
    • More Examples of Life Rules and Their Impact
    • Negative Evaluation of Self, Others and the World
    • How Unhelpful Life Rules Help Sustain Negative Thoughts
    • Family Experiences and the Development of Life Rules
    • Begin to Evaluate Life Rules
    • Explore the Pros and Cons of Our Life Rules
    • Cost and Benefits Task
    • More Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Life Rules
    • Identifying Your Unhelpful Life Rules
    • Be Patient With Yourself – Life Rules Can be Resistant to Change
    • Identifying Your Specific Life Rules from Observing Patterns
    • Questions to Help You Explore the Impact of Your Top 3 Life Rules Specifically
    • Further Exploration of Your Life Rules
  • Alternative Life Rules that are Fit for Purpose
    • Begin the Process of Exploring New Life Rules
    • Examples of More Helpful Life Rules
    • More Examples of Helpful Life Rules
    • Task for Summarising, Implementing and Practising New Life Rules
    • Changing Old Rules and Assumptions
    • Summarising the Helpful Alternatives
    • Task: Using the Life Rules Worksheet
    • Task: Evaluating the Company Rules (Example)
    • Summary, Conclusion and Extra Resources


Intermediate: Cognitive Behavior Therapy- (Fully Accredited)Intermediate: Cognitive Behavior Therapy- (Fully Accredited)

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