Intro to Embedded Systems with AVR ATMEGA32

Intro to Embedded Systems with AVR ATMEGA32

Intro to Embedded Systems with AVR ATMEGA32

Learn AVR ATMEGA 32 from scratch

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Instructor(s): Hazem ahmed

Last update: 2022-08-06

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what are embedded systems and microcontrollers
  • ATMEGA32
  • Embedded C
  • Create a smart home project using ATMEGA 32



  • C programming language



The Intro to Embedded Systems with AVR ATMEGA32 Course is the gate and start point for anyone  interested in learning embedded systems and using the ATMEGA32 microcontroller. The course starts from scratch with

1) An introduction to embedded systems

to know what are embedded systems and where we see them in our everyday life then the course takes you to

2) An introduction to Microcontrollers

and then you will get to know

3)  How to deal with bits


4) Embedded  C

By having this solid ground you will be able to work with the ATMEGA32 and know its different capabilities and peripherals and how to interface with it. You will start with the

5) Input and output pins

Then seeing data on a

6) 7-segment


7) LCD

and entering data with

8) Keypad

After that you will learn how to use

9) Dc motor

as well as different analog input devices by using

10) Analog Digital Converter

then you will control a

11) Servo motor

after learning more about

12) Timers

and last but not least communication between microcontrollers and creating a network using

13) UART

14) SPI


15) I2C

The course is mainly divided into

1) Theoretical lectures

for understanding the concept,

2) Practical coding lectures

to implement what you have learnt,

3) A quiz after each section

to make sure that you have understood that part before going on with the course and

4) Some assignments

to exercise by yourself and do some coding . Also at the end of the course you will get a final exam on all the topics as well as a big project to get your hands dirty with embedded systems and make your first own project. The project is a simple model for a smart home. 

The course requires that you have a background in C programming language only. No need for any hardware, only your PC or Laptop.


Who this course is for

  • Students
  • Embedded systems passionates


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Microcontrollers
    • Bitwise operations
    • Embedded C
    • Quiz 1
  • Digital input/output and interfacing with the microcontroller
    • DIO pins
    • Softwares
    • Datasheet
    • DIO code
    • 7-Segment
    • 7-Segment code
    • Assignment 1
    • LCD
    • LCD_Driver code
    • Keypad
    • Keypad_Driver code
    • DC Motor
    • DC_Motor code
    • Quiz 2
  • Interrupts
    • Interrupt
    • Interrupt code
    • Quiz 3
  • Peripherals
    • Analog to Digital Converter
    • ADC_Driver
    • Timers1
    • Assignment 2
    • Timers2
    • Servo Motor
    • Servo_Driver
    • Quiz 4
  • Communication Protocols
    • Introduction to communication protocols
    • UART
    • UART_Driver
    • SPI
    • SPI_Driver
    • Assignment 3
    • I2C
    • I2C_Driver
    • Quiz 5
  • Final Exam and Project
    • Final Exam
    • Final project
  • Codes
    • Codes


Intro to Embedded Systems with AVR ATMEGA32Intro to Embedded Systems with AVR ATMEGA32

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