Intro to Sales Persuasion

Intro to Sales Persuasion

Intro to Sales Persuasion

Learn the key principles of persuasion in a sales context

Language: english

Note: 4.6/5 (18 notes) 733 students

Instructor(s): Brad Ball


A great starter course for sales professionals or business owners looking for insight into sales and selling.  Participants learn some of the core concepts of persuasion and specficically how it relates to the buyers journey.  This course is ideal for a sales person or customer service representative that would like to enhance their skills.

In this course, Brad Ball provides clear explanations and examples to which any sales person or entrepreneur can relate.  Participants will learn the universal buyer’s journey and the core concepts of persuasion. Brad includes graphics , charts, and easy to learn acronyms to help students understand the concepts.  Participants will learn timing and ideas that can greatly enhance their effectiveness in the sales process. Persuasive concepts will be learned that can be immediately put to use as student prepare their sales pitch and build out their slide deck. This course may also be useful to business managers or anyone who works with customers to understand their approach and get in the “buyers mind.”

Topics and concepts taught include the following:

  • Buyers Journey ARC

  • Three Phases of the Buyer’s Journey

  • Two important events that occur during the buyer’s journey

  • Three core concepts of persuasion

  • Which persuasive technique is most important

  • The proper order of persuasion for sales situations

  • Matching the buyers journey to the best persuasion techniques

  • The importance of identifying your audience as you plan your presentation


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