Introduction to financial markets for beginners

Introduction to financial markets for beginners

Introduction to financial markets for beginners

Financial markets in a simple way

Language: english

Note: 4.0/5 (1 notes) 611 students

Instructor(s): Elie M


This course is very useful and specifically directed to the people who are novice in financial markets or anyone who finds it difficult to understand the basics of financial markets.

I will be providing you with the most important basics of financial markets in one course with a simple and easy explanation.

In this course we will be talking about :

  • Introduction about investing

  • Things to think about before investing

  • Different ways for an investor to invest

  • Introduction about stocks

  • Difference between growth stocks and value stocks

  • Difference between dividends stocks and non dividends stocks

  • Difference between cyclical and non cyclical stocks

  • Difference between blue chip stocks and penny stocks

  • Introduction about bonds

  • Why buy bonds

  • Difference between primary market and secondary market

  • Bonds terms to know

  • Maturity and duration of a bond

  • Quality of a bond

  • Introduction abou Real Estates

  • Properties

  • Gold

  • Why gold is not a great investment

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Introduction about portfolio with an example

  • Introduction about mutual funds

  • Introduction about cds

  • Introduction about annuities

  • What not to invest in

  • Introduction about Investment banking

  • How does investment banking works

  • Introduction about investment management.


    Who Can join?

    Anyone who is willing to know more about financial markets.


    Does this course requires any prerequisites?

    No you don’t need any prerequisites,this course is designed for beginners and for the people who don’t know much about financial markets


    I hope that you will benefit from this course which is a bref overview about the basics of financial markets


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