Introduction to Philosophy (with Plato’s Apology)

Introduction to Philosophy (with Plato's Apology)

Introduction to Philosophy (with Plato’s Apology)

Begin learning philosophy with Socrates in Plato’s greatest dialogue

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Instructor(s): Phillip Perez

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What you’ll learn

  • The purpose of philosophy
  • The life of the philosopher
  • How to reason and argue in order to find the truth
  • The charges against Socrates
  • The reasons Socrates does not fear death



  • The book that I quote is the following: Plato: Five Dialogues, translated by G. M. A Grube, 2nd edition.  However, the Apology of Plato can easily be found free online.
  • No experience in philosophy is needed to take this course.



The apology of Socrates is about the trial of one of the greatest philosophers, Socrates. Socrates was charged with several crimes, but the real charge against Socrates was his way of life. This course will examine Socrates as he gives a defense of his way of life.  Socrates shows that philosophy is about the tireless pursuit of truth. Although this way of life can be fulfilling it is oftentimes dangerous. Socrates will not only give a defense of himself,  but he will also give a defense of Philosophy. He will also ask the people of Athens to examine their own life. As readers, we can also use the Apology to examine our own lives.

The means by which Socrates examines his own life and the life of others is through meticulous reasoning. Socrates shows that in order to be a true philosophers, one must follow reasoning where ever it may lead, even if that means prison or death. This is not merely a course about philosophy. It is course that asks the student to follow Socrates and become a courageous truth seeker, that is, a courageous philosopher. 

The version of Plato used in these lectures is: Plato: Five Dialogues, translated by G. M. A Grube, 2nd edition.  This is the recommended version, but any version can be used. Several free versions of the Apology are available on the internet.  To get the most out of this course one should read the entire dialogue before or while listening to the lectures. Anyone can still benefit from this course by listening to the lectures alone and doing the accompanying quizzes.


Who this course is for

  • Those who seek to know the purpose of life.
  • Those who want to learn how to argue and reason
  • Those who want to be a free thinker and think beyond cultural constraints


Course content

  • Why start learning philosophy with Plato?
    • Why start learning philosophy with Plato?
  • Lesson 1
    • The Underlying Charges
    • The Underlying Charges – Quiz
  • Lesson 2
    • The Oracle of Delphi
    • The Oracle of Delphi – Quiz
  • Lesson 3
    • The Poets & The Craftsmen
    • The Poets & The Craftsmen – Quiz
  • Lesson 4
    • The Corruption of the Youth
    • The Corruption of the Youth – Quiz
  • Lesson 5
    • The Atheist – Quiz
    • The Atheist
  • Lesson 6
    • The Gadfly
    • The Gadfly – Quiz
  • Lesson 7
    • The Fear of Death
    • The Fear of Death – Quiz


Introduction to Philosophy (with Plato's Apology)Introduction to Philosophy (with Plato's Apology)


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