Introduction to Price Action Trading

Introduction to Price Action Trading

Introduction to Price Action Trading

This course is for new or current traders

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Instructor(s): Tom Winterstein

Introduction to Price Action Trading



This course is for new or current traders who would like to learn what it takes to gain the knowledge and confidence to become more consistent and confident with their trading strategies.

If you’re ready to advance your trading this course will take you through:

  • Price Action Mastery Overview

  • Access to Price Action Q&A Recorded Webinar with Sean Jantz and Tom Winterstein

  • Understanding Market Sentiment Lesson by Michael Perrigo

  • Trader Assessment Survey

This course is for:

  • Beginning, intermediate, or experienced traders

  • Swing or Day traders

  • Indice traders

  • Forex traders

  • Commodities traders

  • Nadex traders

  • Traders who want to improve their consistency

We wish you continued success in your trading journey!


ChartPros and StockChartPros are owned and operated by BallPark Enterprises, LLC. an investment and asset management company based in Columbia, SC. The company was founded in 1998 and has a proven track record of successful endeavors during the past 20+ years that range from startup investments, seed capital, portfolio management, joint ventures, real estate investments, large asset buy and hold purchases, to name just a few.

ChartPros traders are among the top retail traders in the industry.

Lead Traders

Michael Perrigo is a 16 year retail trading veteran who has mastered the art and science behind Equities, Futures, Commodities, and Forex charting structure and has a knack for teaching complicated strategies and making them simple for any new and or experienced trader to understand. His charting capabilities and trade execution against them has made him a remarkably consistent trader over the years!

Tom Winterstein is the ChartPros founder. He has over 20 years of trading experience and is also a certified mental performance coach. Tom was in MBA school during the 1987 market crash and has weathered the market cycles of the Dot Com era as well as the financial crisis of the 2008-2010 time frame.

Tom has also led and provided eLearning, online training systems, and workforce development solutions to organizations since 1998.

Leverage his experience in your trading!

Also featuring Sean Jantz of TradeVestor Club (formerly Binary Trade Group BTG)



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