Introduction to Privacy & Anonymity | Free

Introduction to Privacy & Anonymity | Free

Introduction to Privacy & Anonymity | Free

How to Browse the Internet Anonymously | Tor – Tor Browser – Dark Web – Deep Web – Hidden Services

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Introduction to Privacy & Anonymity | Free



Welcome to the Anonymity and Privacy Course !

In this course , we will cover the topics of ” Anonymity ” and ” Privacy ” in a way that everyone can easily follow, starting from scratch. You will be learning what you need to personally know in order to ensure the security of your data on the internet, starting from the very basics, without the need for any prior knowledge.

Course Structure

  • While the subjects are being treated, it is aimed to make the narration more enjoyable and permanent by using visual elements and partially animated content in many parts. In other words, the explanations are enriched by supporting with visual content.

  • The entire course curriculum is interconnected and sequential.

  • The video contents are divided into parts of appropriate length according to the topics and are in a structure that will facilitate your learning.

  • During the lectures, real events related to the topics discussed were mentioned and attention was drawn to the real-life counterparts of the topics.

  • The quality of all videos is 1080p so that you do not miss the details and the training is more understandable .

  • It has been created with particular attention to sound quality and style , allowing you to give your full attention to the course without long pauses and irrelevant topics.

Important Notice: This course has been created for educational purposes only. All the information contained in this training; It has been discussed within the scope of ” privacy ” and ” anonymity ” issues to explain to the trainees how they can ensure the security of their personal data on the internet . All students who enroll and continue their education undertake to use the information they learned in the course within the legal framework.


This course is intended to be a guide for anyone who cares about their personal data and their privacy on the internet, or who wants to give importance but doesn’t know where to start.



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