JAVA 8: Zero To Hero with Lambdas & Streams

JAVA 8: Zero To Hero with Lambdas & Streams

JAVA 8: Zero To Hero with Lambdas & Streams

Coding Java 8 will teach you about Lambdas, Streams, new Date APIs, Optionals, and parallel programming.

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Chandan Kumar

Last update: 2022-09-26

What you’ll learn

  • The entirety of the new features in Java 8 with examples
  • Interfaces with default and static methods, functional interfaces, and lambda expressions
  • Method references, function references, the Date & Time API, and streams API, among others.
  • Java 18 SimpleWebServer feature and uses
  • How to use Java Script from Java 8



  • Basics of Java is must
  • Java 1.6



Hi Everyone,

In this Java 8 course, I tried to keep only practical things and mainly focused on Lambda & Stream API along with Date.

New features and improvements in Java 8.  Understanding all the new features from eight versions is made easier by taking the Zero to Hero course. All of the new features will be thoroughly covered in this course, both in terms of theory and code. All of the key features, including:

  • Lambda Expressions,

  • Streams API is one of the important features that got introduced as part of Java8.

  • How does the Stream API Works with example

  • max()

  • min()

  • limit()

  • sort()

  • File Reading with all techniques

  • File Writing along with CSV file Reading

  • How Collections are different from Streams

  • Date & Time,

  • Default & Static methods,

  • Optional, Method References

  • This section covers how to perform Parallel processing using Streams.

  • How to check the performance between the sequential and parallel programming

  • Functional Interfaces have received special consideration and explanation. Each feature will be covered during the course discussion with a conceptual explanation first, followed by a thorough code walkthrough and execution. Since the course is set up so that omitting a known feature won’t affect other parts or lectures, you are free to skip any features that you are already familiar with.

  • JavaScript Calling from Java 8

  • Java 18 feature: Embedded WebServer and how to use it.


Who this course is for

  • This course for someone who is already working on Java and wanted to learn Java 8
  • Any developer wants to switch to Java


Course content

  • Java 8 Stream API
    • Filter Collection by using Stream
    • Print Collection using For-Each method
    • How to Use Like Operator in Java 8
    • Collection Sorting in java 8
    • Use of Limit method
    • Use of findFirst in lambda expression
    • Use of mapToDouble & Sum in Lambda expression
    • Use of Count in Lamdba
    • Use of Min & Max in Lambda
    • Use of GroupBy method
  • Sequential and Parallel Stream
    • How to use Sequential and Parallel Stream and check performance
  • File Reading & Writing
    • File Reading line by line
    • File Reading using Stream API
    • File Reading in String type
    • Read CSV file
    • Write data to file
    • Write data to file another way
  • Java 8: Date API
    • Date API- LocalDate
    • Date API- LocalTime
    • Date API- LocalDateTime
    • Date API- Utility methods
    • Date API- Date formatting
  • Default & Static Method
    • Default Methods in Java 8 Interface
    • Default Methods conflict issue
    • Static method in java 8 interface
  • Optional Type with Example
    • Optional Type with Example
  • Java 8: Calling JavaScript Function
    • Java 8: Calling JavaScript Function
  • Java 18 : important feature
    • How to use inbuild static web server


JAVA 8: Zero To Hero with Lambdas & Streams

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