Java SE 11 Developer Exam Oracle 1Z0-819 Practice Tests 2022

Java SE 11 Developer Exam Oracle 1Z0-819 Practice Tests 2022

Java SE 11 Developer Exam Oracle 1Z0-819 Practice Tests 2022

Preapare for Java SE 11 Developer Certification Exam, OCPJP 11 1Z0-819 in 2022 with these 5 full length practice tests

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What you’ll learn

  • Prepare for Java SE 11 Developer certification Exam 1Z0-819
  • Build speed and accuracy for 1Z0-819 exam
  • Check their preparation level for Java SE 11 Developer certification Exam 1Z0-819
  • Students preparing for Java SE 11 Developer Exam



  • Knowledge of Java Programming language is requried
  • Should be familiar with essential Java concepts
  • Should be familiar with essential Object Oriented Programming concepts



Hello there, if you are preparing for Java SE 11 Developer Certification Exam, also known as OCP 11, OCPJP 11, or OCP 11, and looking for some high-quality practice questions to assess your preparation level then you have come to the right place. In this Udemy practice test course for Java SE 11 Certification 1Z0-819, you will find 250+ high-quality questions to check your preparation level for this prestigious but difficult Java certification exam and become a certified Java Professional in 2021.

Whether you are a first-timer to Java certifications or already have a Java certification, make no mistake that this certification exam is very different from earlier Java SE 8 certification like OCAJP 8 (1Z0-809) and OCPJP 8 (1Z0-809), and even though the number of questions is less and the passing percentage seems less it’s not an easy exam to crack, particularly in the first attempt.

But, it’s worth it because now you only need to pass one exam to become an Oracle certified Java Professional rather than two.

The exam presents tricky questions from topics like Concurrency and Java Platform Module System, along with Stream and Lambda expression which is harder even for experienced Java developers. That’s why it becomes very important to prepare well and build the speed and accuracy required to pass this exam, and that’s where this Java SE 11 Certification Practice test will help you.

This Java SE 11 Exam simulator contains 5 full-length tests with 50 questions on each test to mimic the real exam. This means a total of 250+ unique questions for you to practice. Even though the passing percentage is just 68% you should try to score 80% consistently on all of these tests before you go for the real exam.

As I have said many times, just passing the Java SE 11 certification is not enough, you need to score high, at least 80+ percentage to impress your interviewer, co-worker and put that on your Resume. While just passing the Java Certification and becoming a Certified Oracle Professional gives your career a boost, passing with flying color makes it even more appealing.

That’s why you should prepare all the below exam topics and make full use of these Java SE 11 Certification tests. I have also provided a detailed explanation for each question so that you can understand the concept better and fill gaps in your learning.

Quality speaks for itself… , here are few sample questions from the first practice test in this course, you can see for yourself


Which statements about try‐with‐resources are false? (Choose two.)

  1.     Resources are closed in the order they were created.

  2.     Parentheses are mandatory for the resource declaration section, even if more than one resource is used

  3.     If the try block and close() method both throw an exception, then the one thrown by the close() method is suppressed.

  4.     A resource may be declared before it is used in a try-with-resources statement.

What’s your guess? Scroll below for the answer…

Answer –  When more than one resource is used in a try‐with‐resources statement, they are closed in the reverse order in which they are declared, making option 1 the first false statement. In addition, resources are separated by semicolons, not commas, making option 5 the other false statement. The rest of the statements are true. Note that ability to declare resources before they are used in a try‐with‐resources statement is new since Java 9.

Here, is another sample question for Oracle Certified Java SE 11 Developer Certification:

What is the output of the following application?

package finance;

public class AssetCalculator {

   public static void main(String[] bat) {

      try {


         throw new ClassCastException();

      } catch (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException ex) {


      } catch (Throwable ex) {


      } finally {






1. 145

2. 1345

3. 1235

4. The code does not compile

5. The code compiles but throws some exception at runtime.

6. None of the above

What’s your guess? Scroll below for the answer…

Answer- The code compiles and runs without issues. The try block throws a ClassCastException. Since ClassCastException is not a subclass of ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, the first catch block is skipped. For the second catch block, ClassCastException is a subclass of Throwable so that block is executed. Afterward, the finally block is executed, and then control returns to the main() method with no exception being thrown. The result is that 1345 is printed, making option 2 the correct answer.

Here is another question from practice test 1

Which of the following modifiers cannot be applied to an abstract method?

1. final

2. private

3. public

4. default

5. protected

6. concrete

What’s your guess? Scroll below for the answer…

Answer- An abstract method cannot include the final or private modifier. If a method contained either of these modifiers, then no concrete subclass would ever be able to override it with an implementation. . The default keyword applies to concrete interface methods, not abstract methods.The protected, package, private, and public access modifiers can each be applied to abstract methods.The rest are correct options for this problem.

And last one from my favorite Modules topic, which can be really challenging for even experienced developers:

______________ modules are on the classpath, while ____________ modules never contain a module‐info file.

  1. Automatic, named

  2. Automatic, unnamed

  3. Named, automatic

  4. Named, unnamed

  5. Unnamed, named

What’s your guess? Scroll below for the answer…

Answer: Unnamed modules are always on the classpath. Both automatic and named modules are on the module path. Named modules always contain a module‐info file, but automatic modules never do. Option 5 is correct as it meets both these criteria.

These are sample questions, you will find many such questions with varied difficulty level in these 5 full length practice test. Each question has detailed explanation which not only help you to understand why one answer is correct and others are wrong but also the thought process of solving the question and understanding the underline Java concept better.

I hope you like these Java certification Oracle 1Z0-819 Java SE Exam Practice Test question and will join for more. See you inside

Important Details about 1Z0-819 Exam

Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer Exam Pattern:

  • Exam Code: 1Z0-819

  • Duration: 90 minutes

  • Number of Questions: 50 (Multiple Choice / Multiple Select)

  • Passing score: 68%

  • Exam Fee: $245 (depending upon your country), you can get it for just $25 if you give the exam by 25th April 2021

Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer Exam Topics:

  • Working with Java data types

  • Controlling Program Flow

  • Java Object-Oriented Approach

  • Exception Handling

  • Working with Arrays and Collections

  • Concurrency

  • Java I/O API

  • Secure Coding in Java SE Application

  • Database Applications with JDBC

  • Localization

  • Annotations

  • Working with Streams and Lambda expressions

  • Java Platform Module System

What you will get in this course:

1. 250+ high-quality questions for Java SE 11 Certification

2. Detailed explanation for each question

3. QnA support, you can ask questions related to Java SE 11 exam or spring certification.

4. You can take these questions as many times as you want

5. You can review wrong questions as well as correct questions after the exam.

6. 5 full length Java Certification Practice Test

Java SE Associate Programmer I Certification practice Test

Java certification Oracle 1Z0-819 Java SE Exam Practice Test

If you are curious about the benefits of becoming an Oracle Certified Java Professional and whether it will help in Job and career growth then yes, they will. In fact, there are many tangible and intangible benefits of passing Java SE Professional certification like you get to know Java concept in depth which eventually help you to do well on your Java interviews. 

The key challenge is that this Java certification in particular is not easy to crack and that where these questions will help you prepare well so that you can crack this prestigious exam in your first attempt. If you have any doubt, ask in the QnA and we’ll try to answer those questions. All the best for your Java Developer Professional certification exam.


Who this course is for

  • Java Developers who wants to pass 1Z0-819 certification
  • Java Programmers preparing for Java SE 11 Developer Exam
  • Java Programmer preparing for Core Java Interviews
  • Java Programmers aiming to become Oracle Certified Java Professional
  • People who wants to become a Certified Java Developer


Course content

  • Java SE 11 Developer Certification Exam Practice Test 1
  • Java SE 11 Developer Certification Exam Practice Test 2
  • Java SE 11 Developer Certification Exam (1Z0-819) Practice Test 3
  • Java SE 11 Developer Certification Exam (1Z0-819) Practice Test 4
  • Java SE 11 Developer Certification Exam (1Z0-819) Practice Test 5


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