Javascript Practice Test for Personal Development

Javascript Practice Test for Personal Development

Javascript Practice Test for Personal Development


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Instructor(s): Nasrin Kona

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What you’ll learn

  • Summarize variable naming rules and JavaScript data types.
  • Identify expressions and operators.
  • Demonstrate objects and arrays usage
  • Define functions and methods.
  • Demonstrate usage of pattern matching with regular expressions.
  • Describe the Document Object Model (DOM).



  • Before starting this module, you don’t need any previous JavaScript knowledge, but you should have some familiarity with HTML and CSS. You are advised to work through the following modules before starting on JavaScript: Getting started with the Web (which includes a really basic JavaScript introduction).



Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) on JavaScript to prepare for exams, tests, and certifications. These questions are taken from a real written exam and some parts are taken from an interview. So you will find questions on basic techniques such as variables, functions, loops, objects, and more. This quiz will easily prepare anyone to pass their online test.

JavaScript basics:

JavaScript is a programming language that adds interactivity to your website. This happens in games, in the behavior of responses when buttons are pressed or with data entry on forms; with dynamic styling; with animation, etc. This article helps you get started with JavaScript and furthers your understanding of what is possible.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a powerful programming language that can add interactivity to a website. It was invented by Brendan Eich.

JavaScript is versatile and beginner-friendly. With more experience, you’ll be able to create games, animated 2D and 3D graphics, comprehensive database-driven apps, and much more!

JavaScript itself is relatively compact, yet very flexible. Developers have written a variety of tools on top of the core JavaScript language, unlocking a vast amount of functionality with minimum effort. These include:

  • Browser Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) built into web browsers, providing functionality such as dynamically creating HTML and setting CSS styles; collecting and manipulating a video stream from a user’s webcam, or generating 3D graphics and audio samples.

  • Third-party APIs that allow developers to incorporate functionality in sites from other content providers, such as Twitter or Facebook.

  • Third-party frameworks and libraries that you can apply to HTML to accelerate the work of building sites and applications.


Who this course is for

  • Beginner and Intermediate


Course content

  • Practice Test – 1
  • Practice Test – 2


Javascript Practice Test for Personal DevelopmentJavascript Practice Test for Personal Development

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