JMETER – Learn from Scratch Performance and Load Testing

JMETER - Learn from Scratch Performance and Load Testing

JMETER – Learn from Scratch Performance and Load Testing

Learn all functionalities of JMeter to build design and test plans for live web applications

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn JMeter Assertions and Listeners Parametrization Request Default Correlation API REST API testing
  • Learn Database Test Plan FTP Sampler Dummy Sampler HTML Reports HTTP Controller AJAX and JMeter
  • Learn Java in JMeter JMeter and Jenkins Integration X Path X-Path Extractor and Assertion Geocode API
  • Learn JMS Point JSON Extraction HTML Unit JUnit Request Master-Slave Mode Execution



  • There is no such hard pre-requisite for this course. Anyone can join this JMeter Certification Training with some basic knowledge of computer programming and software development. Still, we can broadly mention the requirements as below: A student of computer science, engineering, or computer application who wants to work in the area of software testing. Such people should know the basics of programming such as C or Java. Knowledge of Data structure is also beneficial. Access to a computer or laptop with internet connectivity is required to learn lessons and practice examples and hands-on exercises.



It starts with Introduction to Apache JMeter and then the next section is on the JMeter Installation guide. Once the installation is completed, users are taught about the Elements of JMeter and some Hands-on examples with JMeter GUI. Next, we move to How to do Performance Testing using JMeter and then covers topics such as Timers in JMeter, Assertions in JMeter, Controllers in JMeter, Processor in JMeter, etc. After these units are covered, JMeter distributed testing is explained Step by step. JMeter Best Practices and Performance Tuning tips are also covered as the last unit.

In Part- 2, the following points are covered.

We start with REST API Performance testing and then move to SOAP API performance testing. Once done, we go for Using Random data and Function Helper to further learn about testing. Debugging the JMeter test and Run JMeter non-GUI mode are covered as the next two units. Next, Aggregate Report, Summary Report, Simple Data writer, and many such functions are covered. As part of part-2 syllabus users also learn about JMeter Functions, JMeter Regular Expressions, and then about Sample web services test plan, sample database test plan, sample FTP test plan which is common test plans, and finally about JMeter Properties file.

This JMeter Certification Training is a little more than 3 hours long and contains about 30 videos. The course discusses the following topics: It starts with the HTML reports and specifically covers topics such as creating reports at the end of the test and creating reports from the CSV file. Next, we learn about HTML report with ANT and how to set up a realistic performance testing goal. Once done with these, we move to Scheduled and Sequential execution, and then we learn about how to run JMeter from Jenkins. Other topics that are part of this course are using Java in JMeter, learning about Bean Shell Variable, creating Custom Log with Bean Shell Scripting and creating a log with Flexible File Writer, etc. As the last couple of topics, we learn about Dummy Sampler and handling Ajax request in JMeter.


Who this course is for

  • Students: Students of engineering, computer science, computer applications at undergraduate or graduate levels are suitable for this course. Students from another background can also join this JMeter Certification Training if they are interested in software testing and are meeting the pre-requisite criteria explained above. Manual testers: Working professionals who are expert in other tools but wants to learn JMeter can enroll for this course. JMeter is a wildly popular tool for testing and hence this JMeter Certification Training will help them with their career goals such as working on new technologies etc. Webservice Testers: Such people can also benefit from this JMeter Training as JMeter is very popular for web service testing. In this age when everyone needs to keep learning to be relevant and competitive, investing in such technologies can be quite rewarding in the long term for testing professionals. Testers are interested in learning Performance Testing. Such people need to know a variety of testing tools to be able to perform their job with utmost satisfaction and quality.


Course content

  • Basic JMeter
    • Introduction to Jmeter
    • Installing Jmeter
    • HTTP Request
    • Adding Simple Controller
    • View Results Tree
    • Request Default
    • Parametrization
    • Correlation
    • Features of JMeters
    • API Testing Using JMeter
    • Send Soap Action
    • Using Random Data
    • Function Helper Dialog
    • Functions and Variables
    • Functions and Variables Continue
    • Non GUI Mode
    • Non GUI Mode Continues
    • FTP Sampler
    • More on FTP Sampler
    • Database Test Plan
    • Database Test Plan Assertions
    • Plugin Manager and Step by Step Debugger
    • JMeter Properties File
  • Intermediate Level JMeter
    • Dummy Sampler
    • HTML Reports from command line
    • HTML Reports from Standalone CSV
    • HTTP Cache Headers
    • HTTP Cookie Manager
    • Loop Controller
    • Transaction Controller
    • Creating Thread Group
    • Pacing
    • Cache Manager
    • AJAX and JMeter
    • More on JMeter
    • JMeter and Jenkins Integration
    • JMeter and Jenkins Integration Continues
    • Using Java in Jmeter
    • Putting Code in Jmeter
    • Bean Shell Variable and Sampler
    • Create Custom Log
    • Custom Log Continue
    • Flexible File Writer
    • Generate Custom Graphs
    • Batch File Execution
    • JMeter Maven Integration
    • Graph Generator Listener
    • Graph Generator Listener Continues
    • Viewing Results from Non Gui Test
    • Send Emails with SMTP Sampler
    • Read Email with Jmeter
    • Synchronizing Timer
    • How to Get Real time Results in Non GUI Run
  • Advanced Level JMeter
    • Introduction to X Path
    • Understand Customized X-Path
    • Understand Customized X-Path Continues
    • Class X-Path Extractor
    • X-Path Assertion
    • What is Google Geocode
    • HTTP Header Manager
    • JSON Extraction
    • Setup Teardown Threads
    • IF Controller Theory
    • IF Controller Practical
    • Apache MQ Installation
    • JMS Point to Point
    • JMS Publisher Subscriber Model
    • JUNIT Request
    • JUNIT Request Continues
    • HTML Unit
    • WDS Web Driver Sampler
    • Critical Section Controller
    • Master Slave Mode Execution
    • Master Slave Mode Execution Continues
    • Create Modular and Reusable Scripts
    • Module Controller
    • Module Controller Run
    • Include Controller
    • Throughput Controller
    • Runtime Controller
    • Random Order Controller
    • Switch Controller
    • Single Page Applications


JMETER - Learn from Scratch Performance and Load TestingJMETER - Learn from Scratch Performance and Load Testing

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