Juniper JNCIA – Junos JN0-104 with BGP-ISIS-OSPF & Layer2

Juniper JNCIA - Junos JN0-104 with BGP-ISIS-OSPF & Layer2

Juniper JNCIA – Junos JN0-104 with BGP-ISIS-OSPF & Layer2

Pass your Juniper JNCIA Junos JN0-104 with added Extras BGP, ISIS, OSPF and Layer 2 Protocols on vMX, QFX, SRX devices

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Skill Nuggets

Last update: 2022-10-04

What you’ll learn

  • An understanding of the Juniper Junos OS and how it fits into modern networking with both enterprise and service provider environments, JNCIA JN0-104 success
  • How networking is the same across multiple vendors, once you know a protocol or concept you will see how easy it is to transfer your learned skills to Junos
  • You will be confident in dealing with Juniper equipment in your work place and stand out from the others who can’t or won’t
  • you will see Extra content from the JNCIS-ENT and the JNCIS-SP like BGP, OSPF, ISIS, and Layer 2 so you can succeed in further studies or at the work place
  • A good foundation into the Juniper JNCIS Enterprise and JNCIS Service Provider , Bring these skills to the workplace
  • Advanced Juniper JNCIS topics not included in any other JNCIA course, see how Cisco and Juniper can work well with each other
  • JNCIA certification will open doors at work and is the cornerstone of Juniper certification, progress from the JNCIA to the JNCIS and higher



  • A basic level of networking would be great but it is not required as you will learn everything needed to pass your Juniper JNCIA JN0-104 exam but most important to progress at work or in your other networking studies
  • Access to either Juniper Vlabs which is free, GNS3 or EVE-NG to pratice would be of benefit however it’s not required



This Juniper JNCIA JN0-104 course is my first outing into video training – please be gentle on me, I have designed this course to cover all the topics on the JNCIA and I have included the PowerPoint presentations that I use.

I have included 7 hours of EXTRA content found on the Juniper JNCIS-ENT and Juniper JNCIS-SP covering basic juniper Vlans, juniper switching, juniper BGP and OSPF as well as ISIS and RIP mainly because when i done the Juniper JNCIA I was lucky that I was working with Juniper devices in a service provider environment so I was familiar with layer 2 and routing protocols but the JNCIA Junos JN0-104 does not provide this information.

Juniper certification is rewarding and a very intresting take on networking and after following my Juniper JNCIA junos jn0-104 certification course you will be ready to move on to Juniper JNCIS.

In the work place you will be able to show that you know how to monitor and configure the likes of Spanning Tree, BGP and OSPF, ISIS, RIP and more.

I believe that this course will cover two things, it will provide a solid level of knowledge if you do intend to progress to the Juniper JNCIS and it will allow you to have confidence going into your work place by being able to demonstrate that you can preform configuration on and monitor a live production network.

We will look at configuration on devices like the Juniper SRX Firewall , Juniper vMX Router and the Juniper QXF Switch


Who this course is for

  • Network Engineers of all levels that want to learn Juniper Junos. this course is the foundation for your further studies
  • Engineers that want to further their study into the Juniper JNCIS -SP or JNCIS -ENT as the Extra content will be a great help
  • network engineers who want to complete the JNCIA certification program and learn the fantastic Junos OS


Course content

  • Course Introduction
    • Juniper JNCIA Course Introduction
  • Juniper JNCIA Introduction
    • Introduction to Juniper Certification
    • JNO-104 Exam Blueprint
    • Get 75% off your exam
    • How to Lab
    • Juniper Vlabs Registration
    • Using Juniper Vlabs
    • Summary
  • Juniper Networking Fundamentals
    • Networking Fundamentals Module Introduction
    • OSI and TCP/IP Models
    • MAC Address Overview
    • Collision and Broadcast Domains – Lab
    • Broadcast Domains with Vlan- Lab
    • What is an IPV4 address
    • What is an IPV6 address
    • Subnetting
    • Decimal to Binary Conversion
    • Subnet Masks
    • Supernetting
    • Longest Match Routing
    • TCP vs UDP
    • Class of Service
    • Summary
    • Knowlege Check
  • Juniper OS Fundamentals
    • OS Fundamentals Module Introduction
    • Juniper Junos – Software Architecture
    • Protocol Daemons
    • Routing Engine and Packet Forwarding Engine
    • Transit and Exception Traffic
    • Summary
    • Knowlege Check
  • Juniper CLI Interface
    • CLI Interface Module Introduction
    • CLI Functionality
    • CLI Modes
    • CLI Navigation
    • CLI Help
    • Information Levels
    • Filtering Output
    • Active vs Candidate Configuration
    • Configuration Modes
    • Commit Options
    • Rollback Configuration
    • Configuration Files
    • The Juniper J-Web
    • Summary
  • Configuration Basics on Juniper Devices
    • Configuration Basics Module Introduction
    • Factory Default
    • Initial Configuration
    • User Accounts
    • Login Classes
    • Login Authentication
    • Interfaces
    • Interface Configuration
    • Extra Content – Interface IPV6 Configuration
    • Configuration Groups
    • NTP
    • Syslog
    • Syslog Lab
    • SNMP
    • Tracing aka Debugging
    • Rescue Configuration
    • Summary
  • Juniper Operational Monitoring and Maintenance
    • Operational Monitoring Module Introduction
    • Show and Monitor commands
    • Network Tools
    • Root Password Recovery
    • Shutting Down The Device
    • Software Naming
    • OS Upgrade, Snapshot and USB Mounting
    • Unified ISSU
    • Summary
  • Juniper Routing Fundamentals and Policies
    • Routing Fundamentals and Policies Module Introduction
    • Static Routes
    • Route Preference
    • Routing Tables
    • Routing Instances
    • Default Routing Policy
    • Routing Policy Filters
    • Firewall Filters
    • Summary
  • The Extra Content Sections
    • Purpose of the Extra Content Videos
  • Extra Content – Juniper Layer 2 Switching
    • Layer 2 Switching Module Introduction
    • Juniper Vlan Configuration
    • Inter Vlan Routing
    • Spanning Tree
    • Spanning Tree Protection
    • Layer 2 Bridging
    • Basic Service Provider Bridging
    • Summary
  • Extra Content – Juniper RIP
    • Juniper RIP Module Introduction
    • What is RIP
    • Basic RIP Configuration
    • Mixed Vendor RIP
    • Summary
  • Extra Content – Juniper OSPF
    • OSPF Module Introduction
    • Single Area OSPF
    • Multi Area OSPF
    • OSPF Authentication, BFD and More
    • Summary
  • Extra Content – Juniper ISIS
    • ISIS Module Introduction
    • Single Area ISIS
    • Multi Area ISIS
    • ISIS Authentication and BFD
    • Summary
  • Extra Content – Juniper BGP
    • BGP Module Introduction
    • External BGP
    • Exporting Routes
    • Internal BGP Full Mesh
    • Internal BGP – Route Reflector
    • BGP Best Path
    • Summary


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