Kindle KDP Setup & Promote Products With Free Books / Ebooks

Kindle KDP Setup & Promote Products With Free Books / Ebooks

Kindle KDP Setup & Promote Products With Free Books / Ebooks

You can promote anything with a Kindle book. Learn to get big exposure to your Kindle ebook and reach a big audience

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Instructor(s): Alex Genadinik’s Teaching Assistant



There are two benefits from this course:

1) Learn how to put together a small Kindle book and upload it to Amazon within minutes.

2) Promote any business or product with your book for free, and to a mass audience.


Every 90 days, Amazon allows you to make your book free for 5 days. During those 5 days, you can promote your free Kindle book everywhere online including sites where your audience hangs out and sites where people look for bargains. Because the book is free, many people will jump on the offer and download your free Kindle book, giving it an audience of thousands of people.


While your Kindle book won’t be ready in minutes, I’ll guide you through the setup steps for it so you can complete the setup in minutes. During the setup process, I’ll also explain which parts of the process are important to get right from the first time and which ones you can come back to and perfect over time. The value of this is that you don’t delay your overall launch due to minor issues and understand different strategies around the options you are given.


First of all, you have to make a book with reasonable quality. It doesn’t have to be the greatest book of all time, but it does have to be compelling for your audience. Once you have that, you can center it around something you are promoting. In my case, I am promoting my creative work like my music and poetry. You can also promote products, other books, apps, services, or projects. It’s fine as long as people get value and it’s not only promotion.


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