Know The Karma Laws and achieve goals faster

Know The Karma Laws and achieve goals faster

Know The Karma Laws and achieve goals faster

The 13 Karma Laws

Language: english

Note: 4.6/5 (8 notes) 699 students

Instructor(s): Rebecca Renee


In this course, you will learn all the karma laws individually. Karma isn’t all bad like people think it’s mainly about getting back what you put out into the Universe.

This course will make you see the world more clearly and will help you become self-aware of your actions and others’ actions around you.

Learning the Karma Laws will not only bring amazing abundance into your life but It will help you become a genius at manifesting and it is also a big chunk of shadow work (which we all need to do to grow)

Each lecture is about 3-5 minutes long and I have made it as bitesize and easy as I possibly can.


Ancestral healing

How to achieve your goals in 90 days

Understand and remove fear

How to be in the present moment

The Laws you will learn:

1. The Great Law – Embody/become what you want

2. The Law of Creation – Take Action

3. The Law of Humility – Don’t blame others – Self-reflection

4. The Law of Growth – Change yourself – Don’t change others

5. The Law of Responsibility – Own the Bad and the Good. No excuses

6. The Law of Connection – We can control present/future – let go of the past

7. The Law of Focus – Complete one thing at a time – In order

8. The law of Giving and Hospitality The Universe will test your beliefs

9. The Law of Here and Now – Present moment “Be present, be still”

10. The Law of Change – Change something to end the cycle

11. The Law of Patience and Reward Consistency but patience – Divine Timing

12. The Law of Significance and Inspiration YOU MATTER – without you the Universe will alter

13. The Law of Judgement – Judge someone and it will happen to you

I will you well in your Journey

We are all as one – Namaste


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