Kubernetes: Getting Started

Kubernetes: Getting Started

Kubernetes: Getting Started

Learn basics of Container Orchestration Engine and Kubernetes to get start into the world of Kubernetes.

Language: english

Note: 4.4/5 (3,595 notes) 55,165 students

Instructor(s): Srinath Challa

Last update: 2021-06-08

What you’ll learn

  • Kubernetes basics.
  • Next, we will understand why we need a good Container Orchestration Engine and see why Kubernetes is your go-to option
  • Then, we will build and administer production grade Kubernetes clusters on-the-go, on-cloud and as well as locally on your laptop
  • After that, you will get in depth understanding of what are Pods, how do they connect and communicate and finally will show you how to write Pod manifest file and deploy it on Kubernetes
  • Then, we will go through managing application protection and high-availability using ReplicaSet, ReplicationController, and DaemonSet,
  • Finally, using nodePort Service, I will show you how to expose applications on to the internet using NodePort service.



  • Basic understanding of YAML syntax, Linux Commands, Docker, Containers, Google Cloud is a plus. But, not mandatory


Kubernetes: Getting StartedKubernetes: Getting Started



Please kindly consider “before you rate and review” this course :  This is  just a getting started course and more over it is a FREE course. Due to its limitation, I could not accommodate everything in it. All course material (YAML Files and PPTs) are part of main course (Kubernetes Made Easy). This course will help you get start with understanding the basics of Kubernetes at a very high-level.

If you are interested in complete Kubernetes course, then your best option is “Kubernetes Made Easy“. I have put 9 months of my effort and time in making it. As a result of it, It is now trending as one of the top Kubernetes course on Udemy.

If there are any improvements/suggestions this course needs, then please kindly email me at [email protected] I will take that necessary action as soon as possible.

Finally, a big shout-out to my YouTube subscribers and followers who are my main motivators behind my entry into Udemy. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you, guys:

Srinath, you are the best. Your series covers everything. Folks, if you are interested in all nuts and bolts of Kubernetes, watching Srinath series is A MUST !!!! – Mathew K’s comment @ Containers video

Mr. Srinath, I really dont know – how to thank you. These are excellent kubernets videos, which i come across so far. Each and every small concepts are cleared in-detail. Sincere and humble request for you to put some videos for G-Cloud and Docker. – Vijay’s comment @ Pods video

Gone through various Kubernetes paid courses too. But this series is best so far. It is helping me to understand each and every smaller components and configuration of K8S in a very practical manner. Thanks for your effort and time you have devoted to making this course. 🙂 – Vivek @ NodePort Service

I have no words for your explanation, it’s a simply superb… I’m very confused after seen too many videos for Kubernetes architecture,now I’m pretty confident and clear about it… Thanks a lot…  – Anil K @ Kubernetes Architecture


Kubernetes: Getting StartedKubernetes: Getting Started


Who this course is for

  • DevOps Engineer, Developers, Admins or Anyone interested to learn about Kubernetes.


Course content

  • Course Overview
    • Introduction
    • Ultimate CKA Course Details – Certified Kubernetes Administrator
  • Introduction to Kubernetes
    • Container Orchestration Engine (COE)
    • TOP 3 Container Orchestration Engines
    • What is Kubernetes
    • Kubernetes Architecture made easy
    • My Only Motivating Factor!
  • Setting up Kubernetes Environment
    • Kubernetes Installation Methods
    • Play-With-Kubernetes (PWK)
    • Installing Kubernetes using Kubeadm
    • Let’s get connected!
  • Pod Basics
    • Pods
    • Demo: Pods
  • Controllers
    • Replication Controller
    • ReplicaSet
    • Deployments



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