KYC in a nutshell – For-free guidance to AML/KYC

KYC in a nutshell - For-free guidance to AML/KYC

KYC in a nutshell – For-free guidance to AML/KYC


Language: english

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Instructor(s): Mohamed Zaky

Last update: 2022-10-17

What you’ll learn

  • Definition for KYC, CDD, EDD and difference between each term.
  • Approved reliable public sources and How to use them.
  • ID&V requirements for client and related parties.
  • SOW & SOF and difference between each.



  • Any individual could participate in this course whether a student or professional.



Mini free course it’s a complementary for my students it’s part of grand course “Know Your Customer (KYC) – Easy Walkthrough In KYC” currently the course is selling on discount.

In this course we will be discussing so many definitions in the KYC/AML field, Know your customer definition and difference between EDD, CDD and EKYC, Identification and verification requirements for main client and associated parties and required documents for each party, Public source and how to use them in your KYC review, identification of nature of business and relation with source of fund and requirements for a completed description of nature of business, Source of fund and wealth and difference between them and which documents to request from client to verify these requirement, Ownership types and how to deal with them and ID&V for UBOs.

Client legal types such as sole trader from perspective of definition and requirement for ID&V, Red flags and how they increase the risk rating of the profile and finally we go through the risk assessment and assigning a proper risk rating for clients.

The AML org chart and the role of KYC analyst inside the organization, alongside the quality checker position and their position within the hierarchy.

The main purpose of the course is to encourage students to gain useful knowledge that will allow them to land a decent job in the compliance field, also to provide one comprehensive source to prepare for interviews. All of this can be reached for Free of charge.


Who this course is for

  • For professionals who are preparing for interviews.


Course content

  • KYC Intro
    • KYC Vs EKYC
    • KYC Importance
  • SOW Vs SOF
    • SOW & SOF
  • ID&V
    • ID&V
  • Nature of Business
    • Business activity
  • Public Sources
    • Public Sources
  • Client Legal forms
    • LLC
  • Related Parties
    • Board of Directors
  • Red Flags
    • KYC Analyst Role
  • Compliance/AML Organizational Structure
    • Intro to Org Chart



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