Laravel 8 – Build a shopping cart & deploy it on Cloudways

Laravel 8 – Build a shopping cart & deploy it on Cloudways

Laravel 8 – Build a shopping cart & deploy it on Cloudways

Learn how to build a Laravel project & Deploy it using Cloudways

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Dary Nazar



Have you been trying to learn Laravel and are you ready to take it a step further by creating a shopping cart? Try this 2-hour free course out!

Who this course is for

· People who are looking for web programming jobs

· People who want to learn everything about Laravel

· People who struggle with projects

· People who want to learn how to host a Laravel project on Cloudways

Version numbers of this project

· Laravel 8.7

· Tailwind 2.0

What will we do?

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks out now. Learning the fundamentals of a language is one thing, but learning through real-life projects is another. In this course, we will be creating the following:

· Basic home page

· Shop page that shows all products

· Specific product page

· Shopping cart

What will you be learning in this course?

· How to setup Controllers, Models, Migrations & Routes

· Setup database seeders

· Storing images correctly through the storage

· Building the frontend from an existing repository

· Making our pages dynamic

· Saving products into a session

· Deleting products from a session

What will we not be doing?

Udemy courses can be a maximum of 2-hours, so I had to cut some parts out of this tutorial. We won’t be creating the following:

· Authentication

· A payment system

· A total amount overview

Working on local projects is awesome when you are a beginner. But what comes after? We will be using a cloud managed hosting platform called Cloudways to host our project simply in a couple steps, into the cloud!



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