Launch Your Game Career

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Launch Your Game Career

Launch Your Game Career

Find your future role in game development

Language: english

Note: 5.0/5 (1 notes) 800 students

Instructor(s): Omnia Education Partnerships



This course is intended for aspiring game industry talents and anyone who wants to learn more about working in the game industry. During this course, game industry experts from well-known game companies, such as Rovio and Supercell, as well as newer companies such as Papukaya and Savage Game Studios, will introduce you to different jobs in game development — from game design and programming to producing and game art. The course will help you find your future role in game development and give you valuable tips on what steps you should take to launch your game career!

The course includes three sections:

  1. Meet the Experts

  2. Roles in Game Development

  3. Getting Hired

In the first section, you will be introduced to the course’s game industry experts who work in various positions in the game industry and learn how they started working with games. In Section 2, “Roles in Game Development”, you will hear what skills and qualities are important in different game industry jobs and what the actual work is like. In the third section “Getting Hired” you will receive valuable advice and tips from the experts on finding your first job in the industry.

The course includes videos, quizzes that support your learning, and links to additional information.



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