Lead Nurture 101: How To Grow Like A Pro

Lead Nurture 101: How To Grow Like A Pro

Lead Nurture 101: How To Grow Like A Pro

Grow Like The Real Estate Professional You Are, Even If You Have A Thriving Real Estate Business Already Running

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Instructor(s): Workflow Secrets

Last update: 2022-04-12

What you’ll learn

  • Efficient: Using Systems, Frameworks, And Processes To Get Things Done And Stay Ahead Of The Game.
  • ​Focused: Always Staying On Task, Managing Stress & Maintaining A Balanced, And Well-Rested Life.
  • ​Confident: That Your Systems & Processes Leave You Knowing Who To Contact And How To Engage With Them.
  • ​Engaged: In Lead Outreach & Nurture That Is Focused On Your “Dream Customer.”
  • Enjoying Free Time: Allow Automated Processes To Achieve Greater Efficiency Without Sacrificing Financial Security.



  • No programming experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know


Lead Nurture 101: How To Grow Like A Pro

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This course is designed to help real estate agents understand why they need to systematize, prioritize, and add efficiency to handle their business as it grows larger and larger.

Over the course of a 31-year career in Real Estate Technology, we’ve seen it all, from the post-it note hero to the google calendar painter, the serial-CRM-switching data collector, and even the master of the mental reminders.

In the pursuit of a streamlined system, agents have some strange and… Not-always-so-effective personal systems set up to aid them in the pursuit of productivity.

We’ll be dispelling the myth that these are the best way of going about managing your time and showing you the proven strategies that help you stay on top of your tasks, every day.

That means you’ll have more free time for yourself, your family, or even time for extra deals at the end of the day!

We often think the answer is more volume. More leads in means more at-bats, right?

During this webinar we will be diving into why simply having more leads coming through your pipeline will oftentimes mean a less successful business unless you are able to handle and care for those leads with a system that is optimized for efficiency.


Lead Nurture 101: How To Grow Like A ProLead Nurture 101: How To Grow Like A Pro


Who this course is for

  • This is for real estate agents looking to run their business without sacrificing their life trying to close their next transaction.


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Who Is This For
    • Meet Your Instructor: Who Is Mark Stepp
  • Lead Nurture 101: How To Grow Like A Pro
    • Seeking Out The Magic Wand
    • Old Methods Vs. The RIGHT Tools
    • The Creation Of The Workflows Platform
    • Secret #1: Make It A System
    • Recap Secret #1: Make It A System
    • Secret #2: Use A Workflows Platform
    • Recap Secret #2: Use A Workflows Platform
    • Secret #3: Delegation
    • Show Homes Example
    • Designing A System
    • Designing A System – Next Steps
    • “The McDonalds System” Concept
    • Who Does The C.O.R.E. Strategies Work For?
    • Designing A Conversions System
    • Designing An Opperations System
    • Designing A Retention System
    • Brief Story: Kendyl Young – Glendale DIGGS
    • A Workflows Platform: Realvolve
    • Designing A Experiences System
    • C.O.R.E. Strategies Recap
  • Next Steps?
    • Details



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