🇦🇪 Learn Adobe Premiere for Arabic Speakers

🇦🇪 Learn Adobe Premiere for Arabic Speakers

Learn Adobe Premiere for Arabic Speakers

Adobe Premiere for Arabic Speakers

Language: arabic

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Instructor(s): Luay Salha

Last update: 2022-09-19

What you’ll learn

  • Becoming an Efficient Editor
  • Building Your Brand with Graphics
  • Using Styles for Your Brand
  • Learn how to edit for social media



  • You learn everything you need to know.



Arabic speakers with little to no background in video editing can now learn to create videos for social media with our video editor course. 
For Arab content creators, video editing is the new black. Yet, there are few video editing tools that are intuitive, user-friendly and provide high quality output. This is where our course comes in! We offer the only beginner-friendly tutorial for any language, in this case, Arabic. The course contains high-quality tutorials that teach you how to edit videos on your computer. It also comes with a free trial for our premium software so you can make your videos even more professional and powerful.
There is no video editing course in Arabic that teaches the basics and all the skills. Video editing is a skill that every social media and TV station needs. Our course teaches you all about video editing.
This course was created to help you learn the basics of video editing and to help you explore the world of filmmaking. The course is composed of 10 video lectures and more to come. And you don’t need a degree in film studies or any related field. You’ll be able to start creating professional quality videos, like this one.
Arabic is the most spoken language in the world! We want to help Arabic speakers learn how to produce high-quality videos without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment and software


Who this course is for

  • Beginner editor
  • Aspiring editors
  • Arabic speakers


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • مدخل إلى برنامج المونتاج من أدوبي
    • الدرس الأول – التعريف بالواجهات
    • الدرس الثاني – تخصيص بيئة العمل
    • الدرس الثالث – تخصيص الـ Timeline
    • الدرس الرابع – أزرار الشاشات
    • الدرس الخامس لمحة شاملة عن استيراد واستخدام البرنامج
    • الدرس السادس – الاختصارات
    • الدرس السابع – معاينة المحتوى
    • الدرس الثامن – المعاينة الحرة للمحتوى
    • الدرس التاسع – العمل على الفيديو
    • الدرس العاشر – ربط وعدم ربط الفيديو


🇦🇪 Learn Adobe Premiere for Arabic Speakers🇦🇪 Learn Adobe Premiere for Arabic Speakers


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