Language: english

Note: 5.0/5 (3 notes) 268 students

Instructor(s): Bia A.



Hello to everyone ! This is only a sneak peak of the complete course for beginners which contains more than 10 hours of visual learning, 394 resources you can download, 243 audios + transcriptions, 133 video lessons.

In the complete course for beginners, that you can find on this platform, you will :  Start speaking real, grammatically correct Italian fluently, effortlessly, and confidently today.

More than 10 h structured through 133 lessons, 243 audios with transcriptions; with exercises and  tests to practise what learnt and 3 cils exams.

by the end of this course, you will build and develop your practical communication skills in Italian speaking, talking, writing, and reading.

We will cover through video lessons the following major topics:

– gender and number of nouns

– articles

– possessive adjectives

– exceptions of possessive adjectives

– colours

– essere

– avere

– regular are verbs

– regular ere verbs

– regular ire verbs

– irregular verbs

– andare

– venire

– prepositions and their usage

– description of someone’ s look

– basic descriptions of a person

Through the audios, you are going to learn how to break down sounds and recognise words, learn new daily vocab and learn how to communicate in daily situations, for instance how to order at a restaurant, or how to ask for info, or again how to buy train tickets.

Each audio is accompanied by a transcription so you can actually check the spelling, and look up those words are that unfamiliar.  keep also in mind that exposure to the language, as it is actually spoken, and rote are key to understanding but most of all speaking a new language. that is why this course contains not only 10 h of video lessons , but more than 240 audios.

also, for anybody who wants to, at the end of this course you will find 3 CILS exams, with the “quaderno” and the answers. that will help you prove how far along you have come in the knowledge of this language, one of the most romantic in the world.

follow each step, play and replay the videos, complete the exercises with me. Don t get discourage and just focus on the progress and your goals. Learning is beautiful and I hope you can have fun with me, learning Italian!