Learn JavaScript Programming in 7 Days

Learn JavaScript Programming in 7 Days

Learn JavaScript Programming in 7 Days

[100%] You will Learn JavaScript Programming in 7 Days in Which all the Concept you will clear with Programming Examples

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Faisal Zamir

Last update: 2022-07-26

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn JavaScript with full Practical in Visual Studio Code, Notepad++
  • You will be able to work with JavaScript in Web Designing to Develop different types of Functionalities
  • You will Clear JavaScript basics, if else structure, Switch, Loops, Functions, Arrays, Date etc
  • You will be able to learn JavaScript DOM (Advanced JavaScript) after this



  • No Need of Backend of Programming concept, you will learn with easy lesson with examples



Welcome to Our Course

“Learn JavaScript Programming in 7 Days”

I am Faisal Zamir, I created another Course for those, who want to learn JavaScript in a few days. In that course, you will be cleared of each and every concept in the basics of JavaScript with Programming Examples.

Don’t worry, if you find a few lectures in this course, because we update our course on a regular basis.

We create videos, and upload them here!

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is the Programming language that is widely used in web designing as frontend controlling, without learning Javascript you cannot become a good web designer

There is a number of functionality we can build using JavaScript like:

  • Ecommerce functionalities

  • Console application

  • Web Services

  • Game Development

  • And much more

Why do you take this course?

The uniqueness of this course is that you will learn JavaScript in just Seven (7) Days with proper cleaning concepts with proper programming examples.

What you will learn in this course?

You will learn JavaScript in 7 Days, following topics that we will cover

  • Basics of JavaScript Programming

  • Programming Examples

  • Data Types

  • Programming Examples

  • if-else structure

  • Programming Examples

  • Switch Structure

  • Programming Examples

  • Loops

  • Programming Examples

  • Functions

  • Programming Examples

  • Arrays

  • Programming Examples

Don’t waste your time, give your important time in learning to develop uniqueness in the world!

Thank you

Faisal Zamir


Who this course is for

  • Web Designer and Those, who want to start their programming, need such course


Course content

  • Introduction to Course
    • Introduction to JS in 7 Days Course
    • JS Assignment 1
  • Day 01 (Video Lectures JavaScript)
    • Day 01 JavaScript Basics
    • JavaScript Introduction
    • JavaScript Application
    • Different Method to use JS in HTML
    • Hello World Program in JavaScript
    • Whitespace and Semicolon in JS
    • Case Sensitivity in JavaScript
    • Comments in JavaScript
    • Variables and Rules to Declare Variable in JS
    • Reserved Words in JavaScript
    • JavaScript Input and Output method
  • Day 01 (Study Materials)
    • Day 01 Study Materials
  • Day 02 (Video Lectures JavaScript)
    • Day 02 Outlines for JavaScript
    • What is Operator in JavaScript
    • Arithmetic Operators in JavaScript
    • Comparison Operators in JavaScript
    • Logical Operators in JavaScript
    • Assignment Operators in JavaScript
    • Conditional Operators in JavaScript
  • Day 02 (Study Materials)
    • Day 02 Study Materials
  • Day 03 (Video Lectures JavaScript)
    • Day 03 Outline JavaScript
    • const var and ley keyword in JavaScript
    • Data Types in JS Primitive and non primitive data type
    • Type Conversion in JavaScript
    • Implicit Type Conversion in JavaScript
    • Explicit Type Conversion in JavaScript
  • Day 03 (Study Materials)
    • Day 03 Study Materials
  • Day 04 (Video Lectures JavaScript)
    • Day 04 Outlines Decision Making Structure in JavaScript
    • Decision Making Structure in JavaScript
    • if statement in JavaScript
    • If else statement in JavaScript
    • if else if Statement in JavaScript
    • Switch Statement in JavaScript with Example
    • Problem Related to Switch Statement in JavaScript
  • Day 04 (Study Materials)
    • Day 04 Study Materials
  • Day 05 (Video Lectures JavaScript)
    • Day 05 Outlines JavaScript
    • Introduction to Function in JavaScript
    • Argument and Parameter in Function JavaScript
    • Difference Between Parameter and Argument in JavaScript
    • Function Variable in JavaScript
    • JavaScript Function Problem 1
    • JavaScript Function Problem 2
  • Day 05 (Study Materials)
    • Day 05 Study Materials
  • Day 06 (Video Lectures JavaScript)
    • Day 06 JavaScript Course
    • What is Loop in JavaScript
    • For Loop in JavaScript with Examples
    • For Loop Problem in JavaScript
    • For Loop Assignment for Practice
    • While Loop Problem in JavaScript
    • While Loop Assignment JavaScript
    • do while loop in JavaScript with Examples
    • Do while Loop Assignment in JavaScript
  • Day 06 (Study Materials)
    • Day 06 Study Materials
  • Day 07 (Video Lectures JavaScript)
    • Day 07 Outlines JavaScript Course
    • What is Array in JavaScript
    • Array Declaration and Initialization in JavaScript
    • Array Terminologies in JavaScript
    • push and pop methods in Array in JavaScript
    • Shift and Unshift Method in Array in JavaScript
    • indexIOf method in Array in JavaScript
    • length Method in Array in JavaScript
    • Join method in Array in JavaScript
    • Slice Method in Array in JavaScript
  • Day 07 (Study Materials)
    • Day 07 Study Materials
  • More JavaScript Lectures
    • Day 08 Outline for JavaScript
    • Source Code Debugging in JavaScript
    • Day 8 Outline for Guidelines for JavaScript Code Writing
    • JS Guides for Writing Code
  • Day 08 (Study Materials)
    • Day 08 Study Materials
  • Thank you
    • After JavaScript 7 Days Course


Learn JavaScript Programming in 7 DaysLearn JavaScript Programming in 7 Days

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