Learn Kobo Toolbox ,XLSForm and ODK Survey Design & Upload

Learn Kobo Toolbox ,XLSForm and ODK Survey Design & Upload

Learn Kobo Toolbox ,XLSForm and ODK Survey Design & Upload

ODK Fundamentals,create data collection tools using XLSForms, become a pro and creating and deploying ODK tools

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Instructor(s): John M



By the end of this course, you should be able to do the following:

•Creating survey forms using XLSForm.

•Use ODK Collect/KoboCollect  to fill out forms with participants.

•Upload survey data from Collect to an Aggregate Server such as KoboToolbox.

•Export data from an Aggregate server.

Why should you use ODK?

•ODK allows for built-in checks and skip patterns, meaning they do not have to be done manually by an enumerator. All this is meant to ensure higher quality of data collected.

•Data collection processes can be monitored remotely, and it is possible to make adjustments to a survey even after data collection has started. Submissions can be viewed, and they show when and what data has been submitted. With some adjustments, it is possible to record names of the submitters.

Promotes a better use of time and saves on costs especially with no need for time-consuming data entry, as seen while using traditional paper based questionnaires.

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