🇮🇳 Learn Mathematics from basic to advance

🇮🇳 Learn Mathematics from basic to advance

Learn Mathematics from basic to advance

Important topics for Competition

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Note: This course is for the adults who wish to teach to underage students.

Complete Preparation for All teaching Exams for primary and Upper Primary level. In this course, students can cover all the topics from basic to advance. I discussed every point very deeply so, one who has problems with basics can easily clear the doubts. Students, who are preparing for any teaching exam or government school teachers’ exam can have benefited from this course. We also have other subjects courses for free but, on a third-party online platform. We have provided the link to the complete course in our last lecture so, you can visit and take advantage of the complete course for free.

This free course will cover almost all General mathematics topics. The name of the topics are as follows:

Number System, LCM & HCF, Decimal, Simplification, Short tricks for Square root and Cube root, Problems on Numbers, Average, percentage, profit & loss, ratio and proportion, simple interest & compound interest, Statistics, problems on ages, speed & distance, problems on the train, Time & work, Discount, Data interpretation, Probability, trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra: linear equation, quadratic equation, the question of the quadratic equation, Mensuration and all other important topics.

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