Learn Remote Viewing and Animal Communication Pet Telepathy

Learn Remote Viewing and Animal Communication Pet Telepathy

Learn Remote Viewing and Animal Communication Pet Telepathy

Locate Lost Pets, Learn What Your Dog or Cat Is Feeling, Communicate More Effectively with Your Pet

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Instructor(s): Crystal Tummala

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn Animal Communication
  • Learn What Telepathy Is and How To Use It For Animal Communication
  • How To Use Meditation For Pet Communication
  • Learn How Animals (Especially Dogs) Communicate With Us
  • Learn The Causes of Blocked Telepathic Messages
  • Learn Procedures to Communicate With Your Dog
  • Learn How To Use Pendulum Dowsing To Locate A Lost Pet
  • Learn How To Use Remote Viewing To Find A Pet



  • laptop or phone



Have you wanted a stronger connection with your dog or cat?  Do you want to learn methods to locate a pet that gets lost? 

I have had many times in my 40 plus years of dog and cat ownership where I wanted to fully understand what they wanted me to know. 

I have felt the anguish of having a lost pet.  This is why I created this course.  My name is Crystal Hutchinson Tummala.

In this course you will:

  • Learn about animal communication

  • Learn how to communicate with your pet

  • Learn to use animal telepathy for pet communication

  • Learn the cause and how to deal with blocked messages

  • Learn about dog training for telepathy

  • Learn to better understand animal behavior

  • Learn several methods of locating lost pets with Dowsing, Body Scan and Remote Viewing

The course is backed by a 30-day, risk free money back guarantee.  As I update this course you will have lifetime access to the content and all updates too. 

Thank you for exploring this course brought to you by Pursuing Wisdom Academy.

Crystal Hutchinson Tummala is a Pennsylvania licensed attorney.  She has started several successful businesses and previously had her own law practice.

In 2018, Crystal Hutchinson Tummala founded Pursuing Wisdom Academy.   The mission of Pursuing Wisdom Academy is to assist you with the achievement of your goals. 

The library of courses offered by Pursuing Wisdom Academy is ever increasing and covers topics including Entrepreneurship, Course Creation, Life Coaching, Relationship Courses, Job Searching, Motivation, Grief and Bereavement, Contract and Legal Issues, as well as courses related to Spirituality.  Crystal constantly researches various educational platforms and looks for areas where she can create additional courses that would benefit her growing student base.

She is humbled and grateful to have over 84,000 students in 190 countries.

The courses only require access to the Internet and a phone or computer to view the videos.  If you are eager to learn and apply the lessons taught in the courses, you will excel. 


Who this course is for

  • Animal Lovers, Dog Owners


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Dog; cat; Animal Communication Course Promo
    • Animal Communication ;Telepathy
    • Animal Communication; Observe Behavior; What Is Telepathy?
    • Animal Communication; Telepathic Communication; Can Telepathy Help My Dog
    • Animal Communication; Meditation; Telepathy
    • Animal Communication ; How To Use Meditation Telepathic Communication
    • Animals Communications With US; Sending Messages Telepathically
    • Animal Communication; How To Receive Messages; Blocked Messages & Practice
    • Animal Communication; Telepathy; What Is Telepathic Symbolism; Non-Believers
    • Animal Communication; Words & Practice
    • Dog; Cat; Animal Communication; Lost Pets; Body Scanning
    • Animal Communication; Pendulum Dowsing To Find A Pet
    • Remote Viewing; Animal Communication; Telepathic Communication
    • Animal Communication; Animal Behavior
    • Course Conclusion
    • Bonus Lecture


Learn Remote Viewing and Animal Communication Pet Telepathy

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