Learn the basic terms and concepts of intelligence analysis

Learn the basic terms and concepts of intelligence analysis

Learn the basic terms and concepts of intelligence analysis

Gain an insight into the intelligence industry & learn the elementary intelligence terms and concepts

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Hannes Nell

Last update: 2022-05-02

What you’ll learn

  • You will understand and be able to explain what intelligence and intelligence analysis is
  • You will understand and be able to explain what the intelligence process and the role of intelligence is is
  • You will understand commonly used intelligence vernacular and jargon
  • You will be able to identify how intelligence is used in everyday life
  • You will learn the different industries and organisations that utilise intelligence
  • You will learn about real life examples of intelligence being used in the past



  • No prior requirements – this course is intended as an introduction and assumes no prior knowledge or experience



This course is designed as an introduction to  intelligence analysis and the intelligence industry. It is split into two sections: Intelligence in Practice, and Key Definitions.

In Intelligence in Practice you will learn:

– How the practice of intelligence is used in everyday life to help people make all kinds of decisions in their personal life;

– How it is used by companies and organisations in industry to gain a significant advantage over their competitors and adversaries; and

– How it has been used in the past to save lives, arrest criminals, and earn hundreds of millions of dollars.

After finishing the intelligence in practice chapter, you will have a solid understanding of how effective and vital intelligence is – and why highly skilled intelligence analysts are so highly sought after!

In Key Definitions, I will teach you the key terms and concepts that you need to understand to get the most out of our more advanced intelligence courses, and go on to become a skilled intelligence practitioner! Here you will learn:

– The definition of intelligence and intelligence analysis;

– What the Role of Intelligence is;

– What the Intelligence Process is;

– The definition of terms commonly used in the intelligence industry;

– The relationships and differences between the terms Data, Information, and Intelligence; and

– The characteristics and uses of the most commonly produced intelligence products


Who this course is for

  • People considering intelligence as a career
  • Intelligence analysts looking to brush up on their knowledge
  • Intelligence trainers looking for course ideas
  • Those with an interest in intelligence through an interest in other subjects, such as history or the military
  • People with no interest in pursuing a career in intelligence, but who want to increase their effectiveness in their current role


Course content

  • Introduction
    • The Gamblers
    • About this Course
  • Intelligence in Practice
    • Intelligence in Everyday Life
    • Intelligence in Industry
    • Intelligence in Action
  • Key Definitions
    • Intelligence
    • The Role of Intelligence
    • The Intelligence Process
    • Intelligence Vernacular
    • Data, Information, and Intelligence
    • Intelligence Products



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