Learning Python for Beginners Step-by-Step

Learning Python for Beginners Step-by-Step

Learning Python for Beginners Step-by-Step

Python: data types, variables, strings, manipulating strings, user input, conditionals, if/elif/else statements and more

Language: english

Note: 4.4/5 (28 notes) 7,488 students

Instructor(s): Vitalii Shumylo

Last update: 2022-10-19

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Python from scratch
  • Understand the basics of Python language
  • Manipulate strings and data
  • Understand user input
  • Much more…



  • Mac OSX, Windows or Linux System



Welcome to your start toward becoming a Python developer. This course is a coding bootcamp of how to go from zero programming experience to a professional developer. This course aims to help you learn subjects that are valuable to becoming a professional developer with Python.
Each subsequent section will be covering all the necessary basics to get us jump
started. Here is a brief overview of what you’ll learn:

· Installing Python and Anaconda

· Writing your first Python program

· Understanding data types

· How to use variables

· Seeing what you can do with strings

· How to manipulate a string

· Understanding user input and conditional

· How to use “if” statements to make decisions

· How to use “elif” statements to make multiple decisions

· How to use “else” statements to make decisions no matter what


Who this course is for

  • Beginning Python Programmers
  • System Administrators
  • Automation Technitians
  • Beginning DevOps


Course content

  • Intro to Python
    • Getting Installed
    • Adding Comments. Data Types
    • Data Types cont.
    • Adding Variables
    • Variables cont.
    • Self Check
    • Working with Strings
    • Strings cont.
    • Strings cont.
    • Working with User Input. Type Converting
    • Type Converting cont.
    • IF Statement and Comparison Operators
    • Logical Operators
    • ELIF Statement
    • ESLE Statement
  • Intro to Python Recap and Hands-On Tasks
    • Strings
    • Int, Variables and Data Types
    • Type() Function
    • Addition: Numbers and Strings
    • Addition: Variables
    • Errors are Your Friend. Handling Errors.
    • User Input and Input Prompts
    • Comma separated string printing and printing numbers with strings using comma
    • Quotes in Quotes and Boolean Strings Tests
    • String Format Methods
    • Input. String Formating
    • Boolean ‘in’ keyword
  • Lists and Loops
    • Intro to Lists
    • For Loops
    • While Loops
    • Working with Lists
  • Funtions, Lists and Loops Recap and Hands-On Tasks
    • Create the simpliest function
    • Function Parameters & Function Return
    • Function Multi Parameters & Obeject Sequence
    • Conditionals: Boolean
    • Conditionals: String Compare
    • Basic Math. Nested Conditionals
    • Escape sequences and ‘while’ loops
    • Incrementing variables. while loop with Boolean comparisons
    • String indexing
    • String slicing
    • Strings iteration
    • Strings: methods
    • Lists. Part 1
    • Lists. Overwriting. Inserting
    • Lists. Part 2
  • Intro to Python Scripting
    • Getting Installed
    • OS module: files, paths, etc
    • Handling Absolute and Relative Paths. Checking Path Validity
    • Working with Files: Read, Write, Append Methods
    • Working with Files: shutil
    • Types and Variables


Learning Python for Beginners Step-by-StepLearning Python for Beginners Step-by-Step

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