Linux Administration 2022 – Deep Dive

Linux Administration 2022 - Deep Dive

Linux Administration 2022 – Deep Dive

Linux Administration – Mastery over Linux Commands, User-File-Process Management, Networking, ACLs, Iptables & LDAP

Language: english

Note: 5.0/5 (1 notes) 570 students

Instructor(s): Piyush Kumar


This course has been designed to give you an in-depth understanding of critical aspects of Linux Administration which primarily includes User Management, File Management and Process Management.

In this course, you get to completely deep dive into the major concepts covered under the Linux Administration to gain complete mastery over Linux Command Line as well as Server Management too. This course will not just introduce all advanced concepts to you, it will make you work towards gaining expertise in all sections i.e., User and Group Management, Process Management, Network Configuration and everything you should be knowing as a Linux Administrator.

This course gives you also a detailed explaination of topics like Access Control Lists (ACLs), Firewall Configuration using IPTABLES and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) in Linux that actually boosts your understanding about this Subject. Under the topic ACLs, you learn how ACLs are applied to files and more ways to play around with the ACLs on your files using multiple variants of commands and options. Under the topic LDAP, I take you on a joy ride of understanding everything about LDAP, in much much details, and further, you get to learn installing an LDAP server and adding/removing users to your LDAP tree.  Note that these topics are not explained by any instructor in any of the available courses available on Udemy.

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