Looker Studio /Google Data Studio Complete Advanced Tutorial

Looker Studio /Google Data Studio Complete Advanced Tutorial

Looker Studio /Google Data Studio Complete Advanced Tutorial

Learn the best Cloud based BI tool – Looker Studio / Google Data Studio – & Create Exceptional Reports in minutes !

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Prince Patni

Last update: 2022-09-06

What you’ll learn

  • Know about Google Data Studio as an Enterprise Level BI tool
  • Learn how to use Google Data Studio to create Interactive and Beautiful Dashboards
  • Practice along how to connect to various Data Sources with Live Examples
  • All the Chart Types in Google Data Studio like Bar, Time Series, Geo Maps, Scatter Plots etc and how to configure each of them
  • Sharing Reports as is, as Customized bookmarks or as Templates
  • Embedding external content like Websites in your Report, and also embedding your report in your Website with Live Example.
  • Add Action Controls like Dropdowns, Sliders and other Filter controls in your report to add user interactivity
  • How to Blend data from different Tables to bring together to create one report
  • Create Tricky Calculated Fields and Parameters
  • Advanced Features like REGEX(Regular Expressions), Filter by Email, Parameters, Report Publishing etc
  • Using Community Visualizations and Built in Templates to get your working report ready quickly.
  • Best Chart Practices to create useful, interactive, feature-rich and beautiful Reports.



  • This is a Beginner friendly course so you can start learning Google Data Studio without any prior knowledge, and without any coding expertise. You just need a Computer with Internet Connectivity.



This 11 hour long, very comprehensive and detailed Looker Studio / Google Data Studio course will help you to become a Data Visualization Expert and will enhance your skills by offering you comprehensive knowledge, and the required hands-on experience on this widely used Cloud based BI tool, by solving real-time industry-based projects.

Top Reasons why you should learn Looker Studio / Google Data Studio :

  • Looker Studio / Google data Studio is the #1 cloud based Free Business Intelligence tool used industry wide.

  • The demand for BI professionals is on the rise. This is one of the most sought-after profession currently in the lines of Data Science.

  • There are multiple opportunities across the Globe for everyone with this skill.

  • Looker Studio / Google Data Studio has a small learning curve and you can pick up even advanced concepts very quickly.

  • There is no Trail or Paid version of this tool. It is absolutely free and available for everyone.

  • You do not need high configuration computer to learn this BI tool. All you need is any system with internet connectivity.

Top Reasons why you should choose this Course :

  • This course is designed keeping in mind the students from all backgrounds – hence we cover everything from basics, and gradually progress towards advanced topics.

  • Actual Case Studies and Live Examples of all topics.

  • Downloadable datasets to practice along.

  • Links to all LS/GDS active Communities.

  • All Doubts will be answered.

  • New content added regularly and useful educational emails are sent to all students.

Most Importantly, Guidance is offered beyond the Tool – You will not only learn the Software, but important Dashboard Design principles. Also, I will share a cheat sheet to quickly find the right chart to use, sources to get public datasets to work on, Getting inspirational ideas, How to make money by using your Looker Studio / Google Data Studio Expertise, and even about a Free Google Certification you can obtain.

A Verifiable Certificate of Completion is presented to all students who undertake this Looker Studio  / Google Data Studio course.


Who this course is for

  • Business Intelligence Enthusiasts want to learn Google Data Studio
  • Any Individuals or Organizations having their own website
  • Working Professionals looking to learn a new powerful tool for Dashboard Development and Data Visualization
  • Students who want to enter the field of Data Analytics or Business Intelligence


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Welcome
    • What is Google Data Studio ?
    • Benefits and Limitations of Google Data Studio
    • Learning Objectives
    • Resources
  • Getting Started
    • Signing up for Google Data Studio
    • GDS Glossary
    • GDS Home Page Interface Walkthrough
  • Connecting to Data Sources
    • Connecting to a Data Source – CSV, Google Sheets etc
    • Data Modeling – Understanding Dimensions & Metrics
    • Data Source Editor Window Interface Walkthrough
    • Data Transformations
    • Embedded and Reusable Data Sources
    • Manage Data Freshness
    • Performing Data Union in GDS
    • Data Blending Process in GDS – Equivalent to JOINs
    • Sources to get Public Datasets
  • Introducing Report Canvas
    • Report Editor Interface Walkthrough
  • Creating and Configuring Various Chart Types
    • Creating Charts – Table Visualization
    • Other Variations of Table Visualizations
    • Scorecards
    • Timeseries Chart
    • Bar Charts
    • Pie and Donut Charts
    • Google Maps Chart
    • Google Maps Chart Limitations
    • Geography Chart
    • Line Charts
    • Diff between Line chart & Timeseries charts
    • Area Chart
    • Scatter Plot
    • Pivot Tables
    • Bullet Chart
    • Treemap Charts
    • Gauge Chart
    • Adding Community Visualizations
  • Adding Controls to GDS Reports
    • Introduction to Adding controls in GDS Reports
    • List Box Controls
    • Input Box
    • Slider & Checkbox
    • Date & Data Control
  • Creating effective & Powerful Google Data Studio Reports
    • Creating Groups of Components
    • Order & Arrangement of Components
    • Adding and Managing Pages
    • Sections & Dividers
    • Managing Page Navigation
    • Copying Chart Formatting
    • Creating Page level & Report Level Components
    • Adding & Managing Bookmarks
    • Embedding Items to your GDS Reports
    • Embed a GDS Report in your Website
    • Adding Images, text, Shapes and lines
    • Adding and Managing Filters in GDS
    • Using and Creating GDS Templates
    • Creating Thumbnail of your GDS Reports
  • Using the new ‘Explorer’ Feature
    • How to use ‘Explorer’
  • Sharing Reports
    • How to Share your Reports
    • Presenting your GDS Report
  • Troubleshooting and Getting Help
    • Getting Help
    • Troubleshooting – Missing Data
  • Advanced GDS Topics
    • Tips for Improving Performance
    • Using Filter by Email option for Security Purposes
    • Understanding Regular Expressions REGEX
    • REGEX Demo
    • Data Segments in Google Analytics Property
    • Report Publishing Concept in GDS
    • Using Parameters in GDS
  • Best Practices to create Reports in Data Studio
    • Charting Best Practices
    • How to choose the right Visualization?
    • Tips to create an effective Report
  • Congratulations – Summary & Next Steps
    • Summary of Steps to create your GDS Report
    • Next Steps
    • Congratulations !


Looker Studio /Google Data Studio Complete Advanced Tutorial

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