Make Laravel and Laravel 8 APIs and Apps fast with blueprint

Make Laravel and Laravel 8 APIs and Apps fast with blueprint

Make Laravel and Laravel 8 APIs and Apps fast with blueprint

Automate building Laravel Apis , database migrations and eloquent models and relations , in the oop way of thinking

Language: english

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Instructor(s): Hazem nassar

Last update: 2022-07-03

What you’ll learn

  • Laravel application building with blueprint
  • Automatic building of models and controllers of Laravel using blueprint
  • Creating of Events , Jobs , Mailable with linking with the controller very fast
  • Building a simple framework to facilitate testing and rebuiling



  • Be Able to make simple laravel applications
  • Be Able to set simple php server
  • Be familiar with Laravel terms and components



What you’ll learn

  • Initialization of a Laravel app using blueprint

  • Building blueprint yml file

  • Autocreation of database migrations and eloquent models

  • Autocreation of Controllers , and actions

  • Autocreation of Mailable , Jobs , Events ..

  • Change you whole way of thinking of Laravel and Laravel 8 apps building

  • Configure your blueprint to work better for you

  • Increase development speed

  • Promote Laravel conventions

  • Just think how your classes and objects should be in the oop way , and tell that to blueprint , and let it be built for you .

  • Learn php laravel code generation tool that is so intuitive and straightforward

  • Move from your database ERD (entity-relationship diagrams)  to your fully-functioning Data Access Layer.

  • Get rid of repetitive tasks and routine debugging process

  • Get rid of name-changes headaches by writing the name only once , and leaving the conversion on blueprint

  • Focus on the engineering of your new product rather than the implementation itself

  • Fast Intro to YML / YAML Syntax

  • More and more contents about this topic is to be added , including the extending of several parts of blueprint , to be more great

Reaching a working Laravel api , or Laravel backend is something pretty fast , with blueprint

Even if you have an existing project, blueprint can be adopted and used very efficiently because blueprint engine won’t affect any of the existing components , it will only affect components that is created by itself , because blueprint keeps track over every change that it made .

I ‘ve set a simple kit for you so that you can apply your changes and test very fast , so that you can apply your tests in a fast way , and gain more experience on this library , so that your skills in building new apps  with blueprint become dependable .

Maybe you heard about MDA tools that


Who this course is for

  • Laravel developers who wants to make their app building become faster
  • Companies that want their products to see the light quickly


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
  • Understanding of the terms and the logic
    • What is blueprint
    • Laravel app common building process
    • Blueprint process to build Laravel app
    • Our Sample App
    • YML fast Syntax review
    • Challenge #1
    • Challenge #2
  • Initialization of the Environment
    • init
    • Make Laravel Ready
    • First Yml
    • Necessary Batch File
    • Challenge #3
  • Creating Models
    • First Model
    • Model Modifiers
    • Challenge #4
    • Keys and Relations
    • Many To Many Relation
    • One To One Relation
    • Shorthands
    • Seeders
  • Controllers
    • Blueprint Configration
    • First Controller
    • Challenge #5
    • Challenge #6
    • More Advanced Query
    • Fire Notify
    • Redirect
    • Respond Render
    • Rest of the Statements


Make Laravel and Laravel 8 APIs and Apps fast with blueprintMake Laravel and Laravel 8 APIs and Apps fast with blueprint

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