Make Passive Income 2022 – Self Publishing on Amazon KDP

Make Passive Income 2022 - Self Publishing on Amazon KDP

Make Passive Income 2022 – Self Publishing on Amazon KDP

A-Z to Self Publish Low or No-Content Books On Amazon KDP – Make Passive Income Online with a ZERO Dollar budget in 2022

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Instructor(s): Passive Income Gen Z

Last update: 2022-10-11

What you’ll learn

  • How to start a profitable low or No content Paperback Self publishing Online Business on Amazon KDP from scratch and with Zero Dollars
  • Learn the Reason why Launching an Amazon KDP only requires to create a KDP account
  • The reason why you should start a KDP self publishing business instead of a Blog website, and how you can do that at no COST to you
  • Introduction to Online digital Assets, and how you can Create digital assets by starting your Self publishing journey on Amazon KDP, a book is a digital Asset
  • Learn Everything required for you to Start a Succesful Amazon KDP business from Scratch with Any Budget
  • How Amazon’s Book order Fullfilment process makes it easier for you to run a business without taking RISKS
  • Learn why Amazon KDP is still profitable in 2022 and will continue to be profitable
  • Introduction to the 3 Hour Amazon KDP Workday
  • The Compound Effect and How it applies to Amazon KDP Self publishing
  • Learn How to Create a KDP Account and Publish your First Low content Book Fully guided practise
  • How to price your books the right way in order to Maximize Book Royalty from Sales
  • Learn About all the Categories, Niches, and Sub-niches of Low content Books that exist
  • Introduction to the Amazing Software Bookbolt and How to use it for Keyword Research, Competition Reverse engineering, and to find the winning product
  • Learn How to create book covers using the FREE version of CANVA
  • You’ll Learn Everything about Trim size, Bleed, Margins, components of a best selling book
  • Learn about different paperback dimensions depending on the type of Book, also discover Paperback templates , and the KDP Book cover calculator
  • Let’s create the cover and Paperback interior of a children’s coloring book, and publish it on KDP full tutorial
  • Let’s use FREE Canva to create and Publish a 2 year Planner from scrath
  • Learn How to create a children’s Prayer Journal as well as the Paperback Interior using the FREE Canva version
  • Introduction to Creative Fabrica and How to use it to create and Publish a Low content Valentine’s day Paperback book on KDP
  • Learn the Skill to create a Marble composition Paperback Cover, and Let’s use Bookbolt to upload a ready Paperback interior
  • Full Amazon KDP SEO (Search engine optimization for publishing Low content Books on KDP) – Learn how to set yourself apart from the competition and rank higher
  • In-depth keyword research Masterclass tips used to create thousands of dollars a month on KDP by A best selling Amazon KDP self published author
  • Learn About all tools that you can use to find profitable un-explored Amazon KDP niches
  • A secret Outlook into my own most succesful KDP keyword collection, analysis and selection process
  • Learn how to create a SUDOKU Low content Book and publish it to Amazon KDP
  • Learn about tools that you can use to estimate your Book BSR (Best seller’s Rank), Royalty, book cover size, and the printing cost before publishing the book



  • Only a Computer and Internet Access
  • Prepare the working environnement and dedicate yourself to completely focus on the course, remove any distractions
  • No skills required to start and complete the Amazon KDP Masterclass
  • This course is best suited for beginners, but students from all levels can also benefit from it
  • You can use a Phone but it’s less convenient since the course is interactive and requires practise



Welcome to the Amazon KDP 13-Hour Masterclass to take your self-publishing business to the next level.

2022 is the perfect year to Start your online business and make passive income online. Many innocent people lost their jobs during the COVID pandemic, so now is the best time to launch a KDP Low or No content Self Publishing business online with a Zero Dollar budget.

You can create a profitable passive income stream by self-publishing low or no-content books on Amazon KDP (kindle direct publishing)!

There are various categories of Low content Books, and inside the course, you’ll learn how to :

  • Design the cover and Interior of a children’s coloring Book

  • Create, design, and publish a fantastic 2 Year Planner Notebook on Amazon KDP

  • Design and create a child’s prayer journal using The Free Version of CANVA

  • Design the cover and Interior for a valentine’s day gift card notebook to sell for Valentine’s day trend; we will be using Creative Fabrica to accomplish this.

  • You’ll also learn how to create a marble composition Notebook and publish it on Amazon KDP.

  • We will also create a Sudoku Book together, and I will show you how you can bypass the process if you’re not skilled at design.

So this course covers all the different methods to create a book cover and generate a Low content Book paperback interior.

In late 2020, I started my Amazon KDP self-publishing business, discovering its tremendous opportunity and how anyone can thrive on the platform.

Fast Forward 6 Months, and I’ve now sold over 10000 Low Content Books on Amazon KDP, generating a passive income of over $1000 a month from KDP alone, and I am not even publishing Books anymore on KDP.

Can you imagine it still gets residual money from the low-content Books I published years ago? And for inspiration, I could make 50 dollars from KDP within the first week of using My secret method, which motivated me to keep going and scale the business.

The best part about self-publishing on amazon KDP is that the category of books is low or no content books, which doesn’t require any special modifications. So rest assured, and just publish the books on KDP, and they instantly become digital assets.

I can gladly say that I’m doing what I am devoted to. The favorable effect you can have by designing and publishing gift books, teaching resources, daily journals, etc., is a great way to be inspired each day you publish on Amazon KDP.

Why Self publishing on Amazon KDP is an easy business model?

There is no startup cost to launching an amazon KDP business. You can create no or low-content books for free; setting up an amazon kindle account, book covers, and book interiors requires no experience.

I have to say that I come from an industrial engineering background, and I am glad to report that I started the business with no fancy photoshop or canva design skills at all, so rest assured because you don’t need to have a pre-requisite to start your business on KDP!

KDP Low or even no Content Books are Fast and fun to create. Amazon does all the heavy lifting for you, from Printing the book to Distribution, Customer support, and Processing payments and refunds. So basically, Amazon takes care of everything after an order is placed.

As the author and publisher of low-content books, you receive a royalty payment from amazon as soon as your book sells on the KDP platform.

You no longer have to pile stacks of pre-printed books, expecting any future sales. Amazon KDP is a Print on Demand business model (POD).

Your low-content book will only be printed and distributed by Amazon once a customer orders from Amazon through their online platform. As soon as the customer orders the book, Amazon takes care of all the rest for you!

Why should I choose KDP Publishing over other online alternatives?

Self-publishing on Amazon KDP is one of the few online business models that require no budget (You can start with a zero-dollar budget).

The advantage of KDP is that “Amazon” the world’s largest distributor of books, takes care of everything for you. So just create an account already and take the first step towards success.

You also have total control over the design and book settings before you decide to publish, and without needing outside experts to outsource design and publishing skills.

Same as with print-on-demand, Amazon takes excellent care of handling customer service for you. This is why starting a KDP business is the perfect passive income money-generating asset.

Why Choose This Course?

Start Your KDP Journey Now! I turned my online KDP publishing business into a highly profitable business in less than a year. With the sharp rise in online shopping, there is no better time than NOW to launch your KDP Publishing online business and start earning long-term passive income.

You can start with a zero-dollar budget. I started with ZERO $, and I will share how you can do the same during the course.

With around $10, you can get started even more quickly. Better yet, If you have $50, you can quickly see many sales on this Amazon business.

How much time does it take to start getting sales? Once you have books published on the Amazon store, they will begin to earn you royalties for years to come. The number of books and how much you make from this will rely on your time and effort. Expect to start noticing sales after a few weeks, however.

Don’t you need any design or writing skills? If you don’t have design skills, rest assured that you don’t have to. I will show you how to create and design low-content book covers and interiors without having to write a single piece of text.

I promise not to waste time with tactics that won’t make you money inside the course—Facebook ads, blogs, websites, weird traffic sources, or spending money for reviews. I will show you that you can make money publishing low-content paperback books without investing capital in marketing.

Will I only be selling low-content books? And what are low-content books anyways? Low-content books are books with no content, such as notebooks, journals, logbooks, drawing scrapbooks, composition notebooks, and Learn to Write practice books. Etc. These are super easy to make and can increase your income agreeably.

Low and No Content books require little or no writing at all.

In this course, I even show you how to download Free interiors without designing or creating them yourself.

Once completed and published on KDP, these books will sell daily across online book marketplaces, including the United States, UK, Australia, France, Canada, Germany, etc…

This course has many practice exercises where I show how to create Book covers and interiors using FREE and Paid tools online.

I also take you through the SEO and amazon KDP A9 Algorithm used by Amazon to Rank products and how you can use the knowledge learned about the algorithm to rank better and sell more books to generate more royalties on KDP.

The course also covers how to do product and keyword research and in-depth customer analysis to reverse engineer the competitor’s best-selling books and figure out which books are an excellent opportunity to make money online.

This course also features a great way to automate your Amazon KDP book publishing process and how you use KDPA by merch titans to simultaneously upload more than 10 Books at a time to amazon KDP’s platform. At the same time, you can focus on other things to optimize your time.

And finally, this course has a lot of tools, tactics, and strategies that you can emulate to create the perfect amazon KDP Low or No-content Self publishing business and startup your online business journey.

Happy learning.


Who this course is for

  • Students and digital marketing fanatics looking to learn how to create a highly profitable business that requires Zero Budget investment and nothing but the investment of time and effort
  • This course is also for Design and print on demand enthusiasts looking to diversify their Business portfolio and to create a profitable stream of passive income from Amazon KDP
  • Perfect for people with a past experience with Graphic design software such as Canva, Bookbolt, or photoshop
  • You’ll learn About The self publishing business from scratch, the Amazon process untill order fullfillment to customer
  • This course clarifies all technical details that you need to learn about low content Books, it’s almost like having a master’s in Amazon KDP business
  • Perfect for students who still couldn’t make that first sale on Amazon KDP, the Masterclass is packed with all the neccesary tools, tips, and SEO tricks to make good sales
  • The course introduces you to Numerous ways of Creating and Publishing different types of Low or no content Books on KDP
  • Students looking to optimize the publishing process & Integrate Automation to publish 100 Books a day in 2 Hours or Less using Merch titans KDPA automation software
  • Students looking to Get better at Low content Book design
  • This course has everything that a KDP self publishing author needs to know about SEO, keywords research, competition research and reverse engineering
  • Winners who are looking to make an Impact in their life, and create a thriving business


Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Amazon KDP is The Easiest and most profitable business plan in the world
  • Start your first Online Business on Amazon KDP with a Zero dollar budget
    • Selling low content books on Amazon is more profitable than Blogging!
    • The startup COST of launching an Amazon KDP business is ZERO Dollar!
  • Learn how you can Benefit from KDP recurring comissions for years to come
    • A book published on Amazon KDP becomes an ASSET that works for you 4
  • Requirements for the course
    • What does it require to launch a KDP business 5
    • Reasons why you should enroll to this course!
  • Who is this course for, and not for!
    • Who’s this course for 2
    • Who this course is not for 3
  • Amazon KDP is like having a business with Zero Employees
    • Amazon takes care of everything for you, so what are you waiting for 6
    • It’s like having a company with 0 employees 7
    • What is the percentage of Amazon revenue from Books 8
  • The Amazon KDP publishing process & How it Works
    • The Amazon KDP publishing process 9
    • The price of the book varies depending on book content 10
  • Is Amazon KDP still a profitable business model in 2022?
    • Is Amazon KDP still profitable in 2022 Part 1 – 11
    • Is Amazon KDP still profitable in 2022 Part 2 – 12
    • Paralysis by Analysis is the Enemy 13
  • Are you Still thinking twice about starting an Amazon KDP Business?
    • People are making a ton of Money on KDP, so why shouldn’t you 14
    • Why KDP and not any other type of business 15
    • Exactly what you need to launch a succesful KDP business 16
    • Important information to learn about book size and the limit of books to publish
  • The 3 Hour workday business plan — Amazon KDP
    • The 3 Hour workday business plan — Amazon Kindle direct publishing 2.0 18
    • The compound effect explained 19
    • Try KDP for yourself, and you’ll be surprised 20
  • Why should you invest in a software such as bookbolt 21
    • Bookbolt software introduction and advantages
    • Amazing Bookbolt competitor spy and keyword analysis to stand out 23
  • All the categories of Low content Books 22
    • Discover the categories of Low content & No content Books
  • Create your Book cover for FREE using CANVA and let’s publish on Amazon KDP
    • Let’s create a book cover using canva FREE 24
    • Let’s publish a Paperback book on amazon KDP 25
  • Trim size, Bleed, Margins, Formatting, Book genre, Fonts, Paperback dimensions
    • Section Outline
    • Trim size, Bleed, Margins 26
    • Margin and Bleed Requirements 27
    • How does a Kdp book become a Book 29
    • Microsoft word formatting – Size – Bleed – Margins 30
    • Microsoft word formatting – Components of a good book 31
    • Microsoft formatting – Book headers and footers 32
    • Microsoft formatting – tools to create your book cover 33
    • Amazon KDP expanded distribution to get more sales 34
    • Other software to format your book 35
    • Flatten yur book and embed fonts 36
    • A great cover design is key for Brand recognition 37
    • Book genre 38
    • The difference between traditional and independent publishing 39
    • Important – Book Variance 40
    • Font types 41
    • Create the Paperback Design cover first and trim it to be used for Your Ebook 42
    • Important information about the Book BARCODE 43
    • Things to beware of when creating your paperback and ebook cover 44
    • Paperback cover dimensions oh my … 45
    • Book cover templates & Book cover calculator 46
    • Software recommendations to create an amazing book cover 47
    • 10 Tips to create a Wonderful book cover 48
  • Let’s create an Publish a Children’s coloring Book on Amazon KDP
    • Create the book cover for a children coloring book – part 1 – 49
    • Create the book cover for a children coloring book – part 2 – 50
    • Create the book interior for a children coloring book – part 1 – 51
    • Create the book interior for a children coloring book – part 2 – 52
    • Create the book interior for a children coloring book – part 3 – 53
    • Create the book interior for a children coloring book – part 4 – 54
    • Let’s publish the coloring book for children – part 5 – 55
  • Let’s Create and Publish a 2 Year Child Planner on Amazon KDP
    • Let’s create a 2 Year Planner using Canva from Scratch -Create the interior – 1
    • Let’s create a 2 Year Planner using Canva from Scratch -Create the Paperback 2
    • Let’s publish the planner on KDP 58
  • Let’s create and Publish a child prayer journal using Free Canva on Amazon KDP
    • Let’s create a child prayer journal using Free Canva – Create the book interior
    • Let’s create a child prayer journal using Free Canva – Create the book cover
    • Let’s publish the kid’s journal on KDP 61
  • Let’s create an Publish a Valentine’s day journal using Creative Fabrica on KDP
    • Create a Low content Valentine’s Day journal with Creative Fabrica with No Skill
    • Create a Low content Valentine’s Day journal on Creative Fabrica with No Skill
    • Let’s create the Paperback book cover for our valentine’s day book 64
    • Let’s publish the Valentine’s day Journal gift card on kdp 65
  • Let’s create and publish Marble composition paperback on Amazon KDP
    • Let’s create a Marble composition paperback cover 66
    • Let’s download a ready Interior from bookbolt for FREE and upload to KDP 67
  • Amazon KDP SEO section – Exactly what it takes to Rank on page One
    • Amazon A9 Algorithm Explained
    • Amazon KDP SEO – part 1- Types of Keywords 68
    • Amazon KDP SEO – part 2 – What is customer intent 69
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 3 – What is Organic traffic 70
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 4 – Informational keywords 71
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 5 – How to distinguish informational keywords manually 72
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 6 – Is it a good SEO practise to have info Keywords
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 7 – Navigational keywords 74
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 8 – Commercial keywords 75
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 9 – transactional keywords 76
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 10 – How to distinguish transactional keywords manually 77
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 11- short tails keywords definition 78
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 12- long tails keywords definition 79
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 13- the difference between long and short tail keywords
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 14- Indepth keywords analysis 81
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 15- Keyword indexing 82
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 16- Keyword ranking 83
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 17- My keyword strategy 84
  • Amazon KDP Free and Premium SEO keyword research tools
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 18 – Let’s use the Amazon KDP expander 85
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 19 – Spy on Amazon Ads to find profitable keywords 86
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 20 – Use Book Bolt and Merch titans to 10X your sales 87
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 21 – Use keywords everywhere to find profitable niches 88
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 22 -Use Ubbersuggest and Keywords planner 89
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 23 -My keyword collection process 90
    • Amazon KDP SEO – Part 24 – How I validate my keywords 91
  • Let’s create and Publish a Low content SUDOKU Paperback on Amazon KDP
    • Let’s create a SUDOKU book the manually hard way part 1 – 92 – Amazon KDP
    • Let’s complete the sudoku Interior and create the Paperback cover for KDP upload
    • Let’s import a ready to use Sudoku book cover and interior for direct KDP upload
  • Amazing Tools-Calculate sales based on BSR -Printing Cost and Royalty calculator
    • Amazon KDP Self publishing automation by KDPA “Merch titans”
    • Amazing Tool – Printing Cost & Royalty Calculator 95
    • Incredible tool – BSR to Sales Calculator 96
  • Let’s Use Bookbolt designer to create and Publish a Low content Book
    • Bookbolt software introduction (Video 12)
    • Design your book cover using book bolt designer (Video 13)
    • Scale book covers using book bolt and photoshop 14
    • Photoshop tutorial to scale book covers 15
  • Competition research and product benchmark using Bookbolt
    • Product research (video 16)
    • Keyword research (video 17)
    • Spy on your competition’s best sellers 18
  • Choose the book category and scale your listings
    • KDP Category finder (video 19)
    • Use bookbolt lister to scale your listings 20
  • Scale book publishing using KDPA automation by Merch titans
    • Scale book publishing using KDPA automation (video 19)
  • Let’s upload and publish 10 Low content books on KDP Simulaneously using KDPA
    • Let’s upload 10 Low content books in parralel using KDPA


Make Passive Income 2022 - Self Publishing on Amazon KDPMake Passive Income 2022 - Self Publishing on Amazon KDP

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